How to use alaska companion pass

How to use alaska companion pass

How do I use my companion pass Alaska?

You can redeem your companion fare by selecting the Shop button within the Discount and companion fare codes section of your My account profile. This will automatically apply your companion fare code to the new reservation. The discount will be reflected on the “Available flights” and “Cart” pages.

Can I use my Alaska companion ticket for someone else?

You’re allowed to use your companion fare code for two other people, but if you do , you need to use a credit card in your name to pay for the ticket . Both passengers need to be booked in the same itinerary, travel on the same flights , and be ticketed at the same time.

What is Alaska’s famous companion fare?


Can Alaska Companion Fare be used for first class?

Although the companion fare can only be used to book flights in the economy cabin, there are still ways to use it and save on first class travel. Complimentary elite upgrades are available close to departure, and some fares can be upgraded further in advance.

How often can you use Alaska companion fare?

How often can you use Alaska Companion Fare ? Alaska Airlines’ Companion Fare can only be used for one round-trip ticket .

Can my companion fly without me?

However, he or she has to actually fly with you, and the airline is strict about not allowing ticketed companions to fly solo. “The Companion Pass is valid for travel only when the Companion is accompanied on his/her flight (s) by the Rapid Rewards Member.”

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How do companion tickets work?

Once you earn it, you choose an individual that can travel with you on any paid or award ticket for just the price of taxes and government fees. The two tickets must be on the exact same itinerary and you must fly together.

Do Alaska Airlines miles expire?

Mileage Plan miles do not expire , and may be left in your account as long as the Mileage Plan program exists. However, if there is no activity (earning miles or using miles ) on your account for 2 years, the account will expire and your miles will be deleted.

How does a companion voucher work?

How do I get a Companion Voucher ? Your Companion Voucher entitles you to receive a second seat for a companion on the same flight and cabin as you. Companion Vouchers can only be redeemed on available reward flights . All you’ll have to pay is the Taxes, Fees and Charges for you and your companion’s tickets .

How do I increase my companion fare on Alaska?

Maximizing the Companion Fare Include an open jaw. One of the best things about the Alaska companion fare is that you’re not restricted to a simple, round-trip itinerary. Include a stopover. Consider a status challenge. Book for friends or family members. Open two Alaska cards in your household. Keep it simple.

Is the Alaska Airlines credit card a good deal?

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card isn’t a good deal if the airline doesn’t cover the routes you travel most. But if Alaska is your go-to airline , this is one of the most valuable mass-market airline cards available, and well worth the annual fee.

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How many miles do you need for a free flight?

How Many Miles Do You Need To Have For A Free Flight By Airline? We sampled award miles needed for a one-way domestic flight, and found that consumers need between 5,000 and 147,000 to get a free flight.

How do you use companion pass?

You must book your flight prior to booking your designated Companion’s flight. After booking your flight, visit the My Trips section of your account. Find your flight in the Upcoming section and click on Add Companion link. Click Continue to proceed to the purchase screen and review your Companion information.

Is Alaska Airlines first class worth it?

A delightful upgrade from economy, Alaska’s first – class product is a worthwhile to spend five hours on a plane. Pros: roomy seats, helpful crew, great food. Cons: limited movie selection, inconvenient storage at bulkhead seats.

How do I cancel my Alaska Airlines flight without fees?

To cancel your ticket online and receive a refund or credit, your purchased reservation must: Have been issued at, Alaska Airlines reservation call center or an Alaska ticket counter. Not contain a Saver fare beyond the first 24 hours after booking. Not contain a government fare . Alaska

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