What channel is alaska state troopers on direct tv

What channel is alaska state troopers on direct tv

What channel is Alaska State Troopers on?

National Geographic Национальное географическое общество

Is Alaska State Troopers still on TV?

The Alaska State Troopers ‘ reality show is coming to an end. The first season aired in 2009, arriving early in the current wave of Alaska -based reality shows. “It definitely increased recruitment,” Ipsen said in an interview.

Is Alaska State Troopers on Netflix?

Cameras ride along with Troopers as they keep the streets safe and hunters honest while at the same time taking advantage of the breathtaking landscape that Alaska State Troopers are lucky enough to call “their office.”

What is the age limit for Alaska State Troopers?

21 years

What is the salary of Alaska State Trooper?

A trooper recruit in 2017 could expect to earn a base rate of $28.10 per hour, according to the salary schedule in place at the time. Now, that figure is $34.98 per hour, DeGraaf said. (With overtime and remote-duty pay , many troopers earn well over the base rate.)

How many cops are in Alaska?

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics’ 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the state had 50 law enforcement agencies employing 1,298 sworn police officers, about 189 for each 100,000 residents.

What happened to Alaska State Trooper Gabe rich?

Trooper Gabe Rich and Sergeant Scott Johnson were shot and killed while investigating reports that a person had brandished a firearm in the village of Tanana several days earlier. He was convicted of both murders and sentenced to 203 years in prison.

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Is Alaska PD real?

Is the show Alaska PD real ? The answer to this question varies and is actually dependent on who you ask. However, the show is unlike most in its genre. According to Web Centre, the show is based on people’s actual experiences and their struggles in finding police officers.

How many female Alaska State Troopers are there?

14 female

Is frozen ground on Netflix?

“The Frozen Ground ” is available to watch on Netflix USA!

Is it hard to become an Alaska State Trooper?

The Division of Alaska State Troopers is having a hard time finding new recruits. Typically 300 to 600 people apply every year, but only about 5 percent will end up getting hired, according to AST.

Which state has the highest paid state troopers?


Does Alaska State Troopers polygraph?

If you receive a job offer, your answers given on the questionnaire will be confirmed by a polygraph examination. Please follow the directions for this questionnaire carefully. The Department does not expect that you will have a perfect past. Alaska

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