What is the elevation of fairbanks alaska

What is the elevation of fairbanks alaska

Is Fairbanks dangerous?

For a metro area that the FBI measures at just 38,307, an incredibly high rate of rape (more than double the national metropolitan average) lands Fairbanks among the top three most dangerous cities for women in the United States at 193 reported rapes per 100,000 residents.

How far above sea level is Alaska?

20,310 feet

What is Fairbanks Alaska famous for?

At 65 degrees north latitude, Fairbanks is renowned for the aurora borealis, the midnight sun and sunsets and sunrises that last forever. Basecamp to Denali National Park, the Interior and the Arctic – Fairbanks is the Golden Heart of Alaska .

What is the highest recorded temperature in Fairbanks Alaska?

Between 1995 and 2008, inclusive, Fairbanks failed to record a temperature of 90 °F or 32 °C. The highest recorded temperature in Fairbanks was 99 °F ( 37 °C ) on July 28, 1919, compared to the Alaska-wide record high temperature of 100 °F (38 °C), recorded in Fort Yukon.

Is Fairbanks a safe city?

Fairbanks is Alaska’s 3rd safest city. With a population of about 31K, Fairbanks is around the same size as #2 Juneau, yet earned both a lower property crime rate and violent crime rate than the preceding city. However, Fairbank’s low law enforcement-to-residents ratio of 1.36 per 1,000 drops it down to the 3rd spot.

How do people survive in Fairbanks winter?

Surviving Fairbanks in the Cold! Drink lots of water! It’s incredibly dry in Fairbanks , so it’s important to drink lots of water! Plug in your car. Don’t forget your gloves! Bring hot coffee or tea to go. Buy good quality winter boots! No shave November may turn into no shave winter ! Beanie’s are very crucial. Eat more than usual.

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What is the lowest city in the US?


Which US city has the highest altitude?


What is the most mountainous state in the US?

West Virginia

Is Fairbanks worth visiting?

Unless you’re heading north of Fairbanks on the Dalton Hiway, there’s absolutely no reason to go there other than to say you’ve been there. The Alaskaland Park and the city center are nice, but, very simply, not worth the effort to go there. The Univ of Alaska museum in Fairbanks is excellent but not worth the trip.

Is Fairbanks Alaska a good place to live?

Warm sunny summers make up for the sunny but cold winters. Despite city- living Alaska -style, Fairbanks feels rural and is a great gateway to very remote places . The community as a whole is very welcoming, friendly, and generous. Extracurricular activities for kids and adults abound.

Can you see Northern Lights from Fairbanks?

Fairbanks ‘ Aurora Season is from August 21 to April 21 and the aurora will be visible in Fairbanks an average of four out of five nights when the sky is clear and dark enough. Scientifically speaking, the aurora is dancing above year-round, but we can only see it during the Aurora Season when we have dark enough skies.

How much snow does Fairbanks get?

Fairbanks averages 61 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

How do people dress in Fairbanks in the winter?

9 Must-Pack Items When You’re Visiting Alaska & the Yukon in the Winter Long underwear. A parka. Hiking boots. Socks. Gloves and mittens. Snow pants. A versatile top layer. Sunscreen.

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How long is it dark in Fairbanks Alaska?

Shortest Day of the Year

Town Location Total Daylight
Juneau Inside Passage (Southeast Alaska Panhandle) 6 hours 22 minutes
Anchorage Southcentral 5 hours 28 minutes
Fairbanks Interior 3 hours 42 minutes
Barrow The Arctic: 330 miles north of Arctic Circle 67 days of darkness


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