What is the highest recorded temperature in alaska

What is the highest recorded temperature in alaska

How hot did it get in Alaska this year?

It might be hard to remember during this cold snap, but 2019 in Alaska was warm . Just how warm ? New data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association shows 2019 was 6.2 degrees warmer than the longterm average for the state, with an average yearlong temperature of 32.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the hottest month in Alaska?


What is the average temperature in Alaska in the summer?

Alaska’s summer temperatures are surprisingly pleasant. Daytime highs range 60°F – 80°F. Nighttime lows are refreshingly cool, dipping into the 40’s – 50’s. In May and September, expect temperatures to be 5°- 10° cooler.

How many times has it been 90 degrees in Alaska?

In more than 100 years of Anchorage history, weather stations have never recorded a single 90 – degree reading. If current forecasts hold, it could happen multiple times in the coming days.

Does it ever get hot in Alaska?

Fact: The Interior Region of Alaska enjoys warm summers. Ft. Yukon holds the state’s high temperature record: 100 F in June, 1915! Fairbanks often has summer temperatures in the 80s and occasionally gets up into the 90s.

Is it expensive to live in Alaska?

Is it expensive to live in Alaska ? Yes, overall Alaska is one of the more expensive states to live in in the entire United States of America. Due to our location, and the necessity of shipping or flying everything in, our costs of goods and services is much higher than the average state.

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How long does it stay dark in Alaska?

Alaska Gets Six Months of 24-Hour Sunlight and Darkness The 24-hour daylight and darkness still happen in Alaska, just less so. Barrow is one of Alaska’s northernmost cities and gets complete darkness for two months out of the year.

Is it always cold in Alaska?

Alaska is cold , very cold . Alaska has the coldest winters, the coldest summers, the longest winter, the most freezing degree days, and on and on. Temperatures in the -30°s and -40°s are a near daily occurrence from November through March in the interior portion of the state. There is a very simple reason for this.

What months of the year is it dark in Alaska?

That said, Alaska still gets fairly extreme. For example, Barrow—one of the northernmost towns in Alaska—has about two months of darkness in the winter, from about November 18 to January 22. But in the summer, the sun doesn’t completely set for about 82 days, from roughly May 11 until July 31.

Do Alaskans pay taxes?

Alaska is the only state that does not collect state sales tax or levy an individual income tax on any type of personal income, either earned or unearned. Instead, every Alaskan , children as well as adults, receives a payment each year from the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.

Does Alaska have 4 seasons?

Quick: What are the four seasons in Alaska ? Answer: Winter, June, July, and August.

Is the sun hotter in Alaska?

High temperatures feel hotter in Alaska than at lower latitudes, climate scientists say. Because it’s lower in the sky, the sun’s rays hit a larger portion of a person’s full torso, heating up more of the body.

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What is Alaska’s growing zone?

Based on the 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of Alaska which ranges from USDA Zone 1b to USDA Zone 7b.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Anchorage Alaska?

The coldest temperature ever recorded at the original weather station located at Merrill Field on the East end of 5th Avenue was − 38 °F or − 38.9 °C on February 3, 1947.

What was the temperature in Alaska yesterday?

Alaska Weather Watch – Yesterday . Yesterday’s data.

Temperature and humidity
High Temperature 38.1 °F at 00:00
Temperature Range 7.1 °F
High Apparent Temperature 29.5 °F at 01:34
Low Apparent Temperature 22.0 °F at 00:02


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