Where is big lake alaska

Where is big lake alaska

How far is Big Lake Alaska from Anchorage?

21 miles

How Big Is Big Lake Alaska?

144,8 кв. мили

What county is Big Lake Alaska in?


What fish are in Big Lake Alaska?

Big Lake has artic char, burbot, northern pike, and rainbow trout . There are also Coho or sliver salmon and sockeye or red salmon. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game stocked Big Lake until 1993. Big Lake has been a popular recreation spot for Alaskans since the 1940’s.

How Deep Is Big Lake Alaska?

Mean Depth : 9.1 m (30.0 ft.) Maximum Depth : 27.1 m (89.0 ft.) Shoreline Length: 41.8 km (26.0 mi.)

What state is Wasilla in?


What is the zip code for Big Lake Alaska?

99652 99654 99694

How many acres is Big Lake Alaska?

19 acres

Can you swim in Alaska?

Swimming in Alaska is certainly not for the faint of heart. On a hot summer day (yes, Alaska does get hot days), venture down to Wasilla Lake for a picnic with the family, paddle a kayak around or bring your swimsuit and jump right in for a swim ! Alaska

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