Where is eagle alaska

Where is eagle alaska

How far is Eagle from Fairbanks?

193 miles

Can you drive to Eagle Alaska?

The Taylor Highway runs from the Alaska Highway all the way to Eagle , Alaska . Many travelers use the Top of the World Highway when driving between Fairbanks, Alaska and Dawson City, Yukon, which is 398 miles/640 km.

Is Eagle River Alaska a good place to live?

People love Eagle River because of its family oriented communities and proximity to Anchorage. If it weren’t part of the Municipality of Anchorage, it would be considered one of the five largest cities in Alaska . Eagle River is a great , safe community to live in only minutes from the city.

How big is Eagle Alaska?

563 акра

How far is Dawson City from Alaska?

The distance to your destination is 525 kilometers (or 328 miles), with limited cell and fuel service along the way. Via Alaska : Access the Top of the World Highway by way of the Taylor Highway ( Alaska Highway #5).

Is Dawson City in Alaska or Canada?

Dawson, formerly Dawson City, city, western Yukon , Canada. It lies at the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers, near the boundary with the U.S. state of Alaska, 165 miles (265 km) south of the Arctic Circle.

What is the nicest city in Alaska?

The 18 Most Beautiful Towns in Alaska: Anchorage . Cordova. Fairbanks . Girdwood . Gustavus. Haines. Homer. Juneau .

What is the most common job in Alaska?

Top 100 Jobs Relatively More Common in Alaska Than Elsewhere

Rank Job Local Popularity Index
1 Zoologists and wildlife biologists 45.6
2 Geological and petroleum technicians 30.5
3 Airline pilots , copilots, and flight engineers 29.3
4 Material moving workers 20.2
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What is the best town to live in Alaska?


How far is Eagle Alaska from the Arctic Circle?

258 miles

Where does Andy Bassich live?


What is in Eagle River Alaska?

Top Attractions in Eagle River Eagle River Nature Center. 277 reviews. Nature & Parks. Eagle and Symphony Lakes. 26 reviews. Barbara Falls. 9 reviews. St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. North Fork Eagle River . 4 reviews. Harry J. McDonald Memorial Center. Wolf Song of Alaska . 2 reviews. Alaska ATV Adventures. 82 reviews. Alaska

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