What do i need to get a california license

What do i need to get a california license

What documents do I need for a California driver’s license?

When you apply for an original California DL, you must present acceptable documents establishing your identity/birthdate, residency, and provide your Social Security Number (SSN), if eligible.

What do I need to get a California driver’s license from out of state?

What You’ll Need Transfer your Driver License to California Debit card or cash to make $36 payment. Proof of your Social Security number (Social Security card or Military ID ) Proof of your birth date and legal presence (U.S. passport or birth certificate) Proof of your California residency.

What do I need to get a new license in California?

Visit a DMV office, where you will: Verify your identity with an acceptable identity document. Present acceptable residency documents (if you’ve never had a California DL/ID card). Pay the nonrefundable application fee. Have your thumbprint scanned. Pass a vision exam. Have your photo taken. Take the knowledge test(s).

What proof of residency does DMV need California?

TWO different documents proving California residency that include the first and last name and mailing address that will be shown on your REAL ID driver license or identification card. Examples include a mortgage bill , home utility or cell phone bill, vehicle registration card, and bank statement.

What can be used as two forms of ID?

Birth certificate. Social Security card. State-issued driver’s license/ ID card. Requirement to carry identification . REAL ID Act. Passport and passport card. Department of Defense Identification Card. Other identity documents.

How long can I drive in California with an out of state license?

10 days

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Can I use my California driver license in other states?

Yes, your driver’s license is valid in every state . However, if you become a permanent resident of another state , you will have to apply for a new license in that state (often within 30 days of moving to that state ). Some states have lower driving ages, and you may not be allowed to drive in another state .

How long can you stay in California without being a resident?

6 months

Do you get your California ID the same day?

If you have already have a driver’s license from another state, you should be able to get your California license in one day . As long as you have your old license with you , you should be able to complete the following in one visit to the DMV: Present all identification.

Can I drive if I lost my license California?

Remember, it is illegal to drive without a drivers license . If you don’t have an interim license , you should avoid driving altogether. If this is impossible, bring along a copy of your driving record as proof you are a licensed driver in the event you’re pulled over.

Do I need to change my drivers license when I move to California?

If you become a California resident, you must get a California driver license within 10 days. Residency is established by voting in a California election, paying resident tuition, filing for a homeowner’s property tax exemption, or any other privilege or benefit not ordinarily extended to nonresidents.

How do I prove residency without bills?

If you don’t have any utility bills , you can still prove your residency through other means. You can use a combination of your license, tax documents, bank statements, lease agreements, and other official paperwork. The essential factor is that the form of proof shows your address and name.

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What do you do if you don’t have proof of address?

Examples of Proof Bank Statement. Cell Phone Bill. Drivers License. Health Insurance Card. Residential Lease Agreement. Mortgage Statement. Paycheck / Paystub. Real Estate Deed.

Does California DMV accept walk ins?

You must apply in person at your local DMV office. Currently, only four offices accept walk – ins as well as appointments; the rest are by appointment only. Make an appointment online or by calling the DMV at 1-800-777-0133. Tip: applying for an instruction permit starts a 12-month driver’s license application period.

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