Colorado bend state park trail map

Colorado bend state park trail map

Can you swim at Bend State Park?

A short, flat trail will lead you to the first of multiple spring-fed swimming holes. Continue up the Spicewood Springs trail for more pools and waterfalls. Swimming is also allowed in the river. All swimming is at your own risk; we have no lifeguards.

Does Colorado Bend State Park have cabins?

Colorado Bend State Park cabins offer an excellent opportunity for you to explore the park to its fullest—and a place to relax after a long day on your feet.

Are there showers at Colorado Bend State Park?

There is only an outdoor shower , compost toilets, and there is not phone signal at the bottom of the canyon. The area boasts several miles of trails, the park claims these are some of the best mountain biking trails in the state .

How far is Colorado Bend State Park from Dallas?

Travel to Colorado Bend State Park in three-and-a-half hours or less from Abilene, Dallas -Forth Worth, Austin, or San Antonio. Consider stocking up on gear ahead of time at one of the two REI stores in Austin, or the one in Dallas .

Can you take an RV to Colorado Bend State Park?

Self-contained RVs (up to 30 feet) are allowed. You must turn off generators at 10 p.m. Sites don’t have hookups of any kind. The park does not have RV sewage disposal facilities.

What is there to do in Bend Texas?

14 Top-Rated Things to Do in Big Bend National Park Hike Santa Elena Canyon. Soak in the Hot Springs. Drive the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Learn about the Area’s Natural History at the Fossil Discovery Exhibit. Walk the Nature Trail at Rio Grande Village. Take a Trip to the Mexican Village of Boquillas. See the Sunset over the Window. Hit the Hiking Trails.

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What is the biggest state park in Texas?

Big Bend Ranch State Park

What state parks in Texas have cabins?

Cabins & Group Lodges Bastrop (cabins) Big Bend Ranch (Sauceda Ranch House – closed for repairs) Caddo Lake (cabins) Cooper Lake (cabins) Daingerfield (cabins and group lodge for up to 15) Estero Llano Grande (group lodges) Galveston Island (lodges) Garner (cabins)

What city is Colorado Bend State Park in?


Where is the big bend in Big Bend National Park?

Big Bend National Park is an American national park located in West Texas, bordering Mexico. The park has national significance as the largest protected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States, and was named after a large bend in the Rio Grande/Río Bravo.

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