Colorado elk tag draw

Colorado elk tag draw

Do you have to draw an elk tag in Colorado?

Want to hunt elk every year in Colorado without having to draw a tag ? Residents and Non-residents can buy Elk Licenses Over-the-Counter (OTC) in many GMUs in Colorado (Table 1).

How does the Colorado elk draw work?

Colorado’s big-game license drawing is based on a preference-point system. Here’s how it works : Each year that you apply in the limited drawing but are unsuccessful in drawing a first-choice license, you earn one preference-point for that species. For elk , the preference point hunt code is E-P-999-99-P.

How many points do you need to get an elk tag in Colorado?

six points

How do I get an elk tag in Colorado?

Limited Licenses Available online and by phone (1-800-244-5613). Limited licenses are a set (limited) number of licenses available for specific hunting units and dates for each species, and are issued through an application and drawing process: March (primary draw) and June (secondary draw).

What unit in Colorado has the most elk?

GMU 11 – Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties The large elk herd occupies all available habitat. The later seasons are usually better, especially on public land, due to snow and hunting pressure pushing the elk out of the adjacent units. The success rate is very good on late cow elk hunts.

How many elk can you kill in Colorado?

It is legal to have two elk licenses as long as one of them is an antlerless elk from a unit listed in list B in the Big Game Brochure.

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How much does a Colorado elk hunt cost?

​​Payment Deadlines ​

​​​License Type​ ​​​ Fee – This is the fee you will be charged if you are successful in drawing your license, or get an unsuccessful option.
​​​ ELK ​ ​ ​
​Resident cow, bull or either sex ​$ 55.43
​Resident youth ​$ 15.68
​​Nonresident​ cow/fishing combo​​* ​$ 503.12

How much meat do you get from a elk?

Most average bull elk will yield 190 to 225 pounds of boneless meat , while an average cow produces about 160 pounds of meat .

How many elk tags can you have in Colorado?

Big-game license applications: 587,450. Big-game licenses sold: 361,089. Elk licenses sold: 215,351 .

Are Colorado OTC elk tags unit specific?

Do I have to choose a specific unit when I purchase an OTC license? No, you don’t. An over-the-counter elk license is valid in more than 100 units up and down the state. You can purchase your license, and then decide where to hunt.

Where is the best elk hunting in Colorado?

Routt National Forest

How do I get a Colorado elk preference point?

Application will be accepted beginning March 1, 2020, the deadline to apply is 8pm MT on April 6, 2020. Colorado Big Game license applications will only be accepted online at, or by phone: 1-800-244-5613 (24/7) Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

How much does it cost for an elk tag?

Big Game Tags

Title Fee
Elk Tag $22.17 Resident Junior $484.20 Resident $1,481.70 Nonresident
Pronghorn Antelope Tag $22.17 Resident Junior $162.82 Resident $498.65 Nonresident
Bighorn Sheep Tag $443.25 Resident $1,641.00 Nonresident
Wild Pig Tag $24.33 Resident $82.08 Nonresident
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Can you buy Colorado elk tags online?

Purchase Online ​​​ Buy a license online ​. To learn more about creating an account, or how to buy a hunting license in our integrated purchasing system, please visit our Plan Your Hunt page.

What state has over the counter elk tags?


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