Colorado state fair dates

Colorado state fair dates

Will there be a Colorado State Fair 2020?

Press Release – In consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, the Colorado State Fair Board of Authority today voted to modify activities during the 2020 State Fair , scheduled for August 28-September 7.

Is the Colorado State Fair Cancelled this year?

2020’s Colorado State Fair isn’t canceled but it won’t be the same, thanks COVID-19. On Tuesday, the Colorado State Fair board canceled a majority of the events, concerts, and activities, calling it a “ Colorado State Fair Reimagined” which runs August 28 to September 7.

How long does the Colorado State Fair last?

Bring the family for 11 days and nights of Colorado’s biggest summer party!

What day is the State Fair?

See you at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair – Aug. 26 to Labor Day , Sept. 6!

Why is the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo?

At Pueblo’s start it was just a small fort; however, it was instrumental in bringing the railroad to Colorado . A major part of Colorado is the rich diversification of agriculture. Pueblo has been instrumental in encouraging and rewarding the agricultural history of Colorado through hosting the Colorado State Fair .

Will there be any fairs in 2020?

California State Fair canceled for 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic.

Will there be a MN State Fair 2020?

May 22: The 2020 Minnesota State Fair is canceled.

Is the State Fair still going on?

Save the Dates! The 2020 edition of State Fair Meadowlands has been cancelled. Join us from in 2021 for summer fun with fantastic food, rides, games, free shows, and more! New dates for 2021 coming soon.

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Where is the Colorado State Fair held?

Pueblo, Colorado

What state does not have a state fair?

Rhode Island

What state has the biggest state fair?


Where is the largest state fair?

State Fair of Texas

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