The filmore denver colorado

The filmore denver colorado

How big is the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver?


How does General admission work at the Fillmore?

MAIN FLOOR IS GENERAL ADMISSION Majority of events at Fillmore Auditorium may not have a seating chart as they are general admission events and no seats (apart from accessible seating) are reserved before the event. Please check the seating chart of the specific show when buying tickets.

How many seats does the Fillmore have?

1 315

Can you bring bags into the Fillmore?

Only the following bags are allowed: Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags (Maximum size: 12″x6″x12″) Small clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (Maximum size: 4.5″ x 6.5″)

Does the Fillmore Denver have seats?


Who owns the Fillmore?

Live Nation bought the rights to the moniker in 2007 from the family of late rock promoter Bill Graham , who ran the original Fillmore in San Francisco and the Fillmore East in New York in the late 1960s.

Does the Fillmore serve food?

Yes. We have an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as food items. The Fillmore Charlotte & The Underground offer a variety of alcoholic beverages to our guests who are of legal age.

Can you smoke at the Fillmore?

Smoking is not permitted inside the venue.

Is the Fillmore standing room only?

The Fillmore is an all ages, general admission historic ballroom with an open dance floor ( standing only ).

Can you buy tickets at the Fillmore box office?

You can visit our website, or as well as purchase tickets in person at the TLA, Tower Theater and The Fillmore box offices . Please note that there are no services fees charged at any of our box offices if you are purchasing tickets on the day tickets are going on sale to the public.

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Does the Fillmore Detroit serve alcohol?

All alcohol and narcotic laws will be strictly enforced. All bags will be searched and must adhere to our bag policy. Only the following bags are allowed: Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags (Maximum size: 12″x6″x12″)

Why are so many venues called the Fillmore?

Its name was changed from the Majestic Hall in 1936 to the Ambassador Dance Hall. In 1954, Charles Sullivan, one of the most successful African-American businessmen in San Francisco at the time, started booking bands and renamed the venue The Fillmore Auditorium.

Does the Fillmore have coat check?

Is there a coat check at the Fillmore ? Yes, during the winter months our coat check will be open.

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