Where is guffey colorado

Where is guffey colorado

How far is Guffey Colorado from Denver?

73.95 miles

How far is Guffey Colorado from Colorado Springs?

38.13 miles

What county is Guffey Colorado in?

Парк Каунти

What is there to do in Guffey Colorado?

Guffey Attractions & Entertainment in Colorado Campbell Ranch. 3173 County Road 71, Guffey , CO 80820. Century Casino & Hotel Cripple Creek. 200 E Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO 80813. Mt. Pisgah Speaks Cemetery Tour. Double Eagle Hotel & Casino. 442 E. Wildwood Casino at Cripple Creek. Mollie Kathleen Mine. Bronco Billy’s Casino. Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino.

Who killed Carl and Joanna Dutcher?

Simon Sue, the alleged mastermind of the Dutchers murders , leaves a Fairplay courthouse in 2003 after being sentenced to 53 years in prison. Tony Dutcher , 15, was killed on New Years Eve of 2000.

Who is the mayor of Guffey Colorado?

The current Mayor, Monster the Cat was elected in 1998. Lydia Reynolds of Guffey’s 31 Mile Ranch and Bill Sioux of Guffey Garage left us a comment below confirming Monster was still alive and well in November 2019.

What is the elevation of Guffey Colorado?


What does Guffey mean?

Originally, Guffey was a nickname for a dark-featured, peaceful person. The Gaelic name of the Clan is Mac Dubhshithe, which translates as black one of peace. One branch of the Clan on the island of North Uist was known as Dubh-sidh, meaning ‘black fairy,’ due to their whimsical association with the faerie folk.

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