How to get to sitka alaska

How to get to sitka alaska

How long is the ferry ride from Juneau to Sitka?

Would consider an overnight in Sitka , but could not spend two nights there, as that would short us on our Juneau time. The dilemma is, that the Ferry is 4 1/2 hours to Sitka , stops only one hour from 1 -2 pm, and then the 4 1/2 hours back to Juneau .

Can you drive to Sitka AK?

Although technically you can not drive to Sitka , the Alaska Marine Highway ferries can get you and your vehicle there.

How long is the ferry ride from Ketchikan to Sitka?

The best way to get from Ketchikan to Sitka without a car is to car ferry which takes 25h 58m and costs $150 – $230.

What is Sitka Alaska famous for?

In 1867, when the United States purchased Alaska from the Russians, the transfer ceremony was held in Sitka , and Sitka became Alaska’s first capital city. Accessible only by air or sea, Sitka offers incredible scenery, fishing, hiking, abundant wildlife, and Alaska’s most culturally rich history and community.

Do you need a car in Sitka?

You do not need a car to enjoy Sitka , though you might find you want one for a day or so because the drives are so gorgeous. The ferry terminal is about 10 miles outside of town, but there is an inexpensive shuttle that will take you to downtown. There are a number of excellent hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Sitka .

Can you drive out of Juneau?

This is the only capital city in America you can ‘t reach by car; the longest road ends at a small boat ramp straight into Berners Bay. Juneau’s visitors and 32,000 residents must come and go by plane or three-day ferry.

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Does Sitka Alaska get dark?

The answer is no. Sitka doesn’t experience entire days of darkness or entire days of sunlight like the more Northern towns in Alaska , Russia, and Norway. In Sitka , the sun rises at 4:05 am and sets at 9:59 pm. Sitka gets a whopping 17 hours and 54 minutes of sunlight!

Is it expensive to live in Sitka Alaska?

The cost of housing in Sitka is more expensive than the United States average and earns a score of 3 out of 10.

How cold does it get in Sitka Alaska?

In Sitka , the summers are cool and mostly cloudy; the winters are long, very cold , windy, and overcast; and it is wet year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 33°F to 62°F and is rarely below 22°F or above 68°F.

Can you sleep in your car on the Alaska Ferry?

You can sleep anywhere except the dining room, bar, main thoroughfares, and the car deck. A final note: If you’re hauling a car with you on your Alaska ferry adventure, you won’t be able to sleep there. It’s tempting, but they’re pretty serious about safety and security. I’ve seen some pretty excellent setups inside.

Can I drive to Alaska without a passport?

U.S. citizens flying between another state and Alaska do not need a passport . However, those driving through Canada or traveling on a ferry or cruise ship with stops in Canada are required to carry one. All non U.S. citizens will need a passport and possibly other documents to enter.

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How much does the Alaska ferry cost?

Alaska Ferry System Costs As an example, two people traveling one-way from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan is approx $500 (in the middle of the summer). Add a vehicle (like the VW Westfalia) and you’ll add another $500. Add a cabin for another approx $250-350.

Is Sitka worth the money?

It may be a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth it , the camo pattern on the sitka gear is so much more advanced that the KUIU. Plus in my opinion, Sitka is way more durable, comfortable, and warm. Customer service sucks . I always end up back to Sitka when I can afford it or First Lite.

Does Sitka ever go on sale?

February, as in right NOW, is when Sitka is on sale . Pretty much it for sales on Sitka .

Is land free in Alaska?

The federal and state agencies in Alaska do not offer free land . The State of Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources however does have a Public Land Sale program and some other organizations in Alaska may occasionally offer land for sale to private citizens. Alaska

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