What airlines fly to hawaii from phoenix

What airlines fly to hawaii from phoenix

Who flies from Phoenix to Hawaii?

Combined, these airlines present ample flight options for anyone looking to travel from Phoenix to Hawaii at any time of the year. Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines offers nonstop flights from Phoenix International Airport to Daniel K. American Airlines . Delta Airlines . Alaska Airlines . United Airlines . Considerations.

What airlines fly direct to Hawaii?

The 6 Best Airlines That Fly to Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines. Fittingly, Hawaiian Airlines offers some of the best flights to Hawaii, providing daily service to Hawaii from more North American cities than any other airline. Alaska Airlines . American Airlines . United Airlines . Allegiant. WestJet.

What airlines fly from Phoenix to Honolulu?

Cheap Flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Honolulu (HNL) | Hawaiian Airlines .

Does Southwest fly to Hawaii from Phoenix?

At this time, there are no direct flights from Phoenix to Hawaii on Southwest Airlines . However, American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines do offer non-stop service from Phoenix . For more information about this deal, visit southwest .com.

How much does it cost to fly from Arizona to Hawaii?

A good price for a nonstop flight from Arizona to Hawaii is less than $354.

Airline Hawaiian Airlines
Cheapest $208
Average $602
Flexibility No cancel fee
Search Hawaiian Airlines flights

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How much is a plane ticket from Phoenix to Hawaii?

The cheapest ticket to Hawaii from Phoenix found in the last 72 hours was $121 one-way, and $217 round-trip. The most popular route is from Phoenix to Honolulu, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $121.

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Which month is cheapest to fly to Hawaii?


What is the best month to go to Hawaii?

Generally, the best weather in Hawaii can be experienced in June, July and September . This is when travelers can expect the least amount of rainfall along with warm water temperatures. However, Hawaii has pretty great weather year-round (after all, the Aloha State experiences only two seasons).

What airports fly nonstop to Hawaii?

Hawaiian. Boston; Las Vegas; Long Beach, California; Los Angeles; New York JFK; Oakland, California; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; Sacramento, California; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose, California; and Seattle.

How long does it take to fly from Phoenix to Hawaii?

6 hours, 6 minutes

What airlines fly from Phoenix to Kauai?

Hawaiian Airlines Flights : Phoenix ( PHX ) to Lihue (LIH) from $270 | Travelocity.

Does Hawaiian Airlines fly to Phoenix?

Hawaiian Airlines is bringing back its Phoenix -Honolulu route. Here’s what spurred its return. In a return of Aloha spirit to Phoenix , Hawaiian Airlines announced it will restart its nonstop flight between Honolulu and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Nov.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Hawaii?

Read more about the high season and the low season on Hawaii elsewhere on our website. In our opinion, the best time to avoid the crowds and find the cheapest tickets to the Big Island is between mid-April and May and in September and October.

What is the cheapest airport to fly to Hawaii from?

Oahu (Honolulu) and Maui (Kahului) tend to be the two cheapest Hawaiian airports to fly into from the continental United States, but this may not be the case for your particular route. Always compare airports and consider tailoring your vacation itinerary if a different arrival airport offers better savings.

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How Much Will Southwest tickets to Hawaii cost?

Southwest starts selling Hawaii flights , with $49 one-way fares . Southwest starts selling tickets on its first flights from California to Hawaii . The airline has received government approval for the long, overwater routes. Fares start at $49 one way and $29 each way between the Hawaiian islands.

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