What is the population of sacramento california

What is the population of sacramento california

What is the population of Sacramento California 2020?


What is the population of Sacramento California 2019?


Is Sacramento California a good place to live?

The state’s inland capital city, Sacramento , is often overshadowed by its flashy coastal cousins. But Sacramento’s tree-lined streets, burgeoning food, wine and beer scene, and affordable housing make it one of the best places to live in California , especially for those seeking a cost-effective place to raise a family.

What is the racial makeup of Sacramento CA?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Sacramento was: White: 47.24% Asian : 18.90% Black or African American: 13.43%

What is the biggest city in California?

Los Angeles

How much does it cost to live in Sacramento?

Sacramento cost of living is 118.2

COST OF LIVING Sacramento California
Grocery 104.8 105.1
Health 96.7 92.4
Housing 141.6 239.1
Median Home Cost $327,300 $552,800

What is Sacramento known for?

Fun Fact: Sacramento is known as America’s “Farm-to-Fork” Capital because the area ships produce all over the nation and has 40 local farmers markets stocked full of local finds. Sacramento is known for a lot of things, including their delicious food and local produce.

Is Sacramento Safe?

The tourist areas of Sacramento are largely safe, but you’ll want to use street smarts downtown. Downtown Sacramento has some crime , especially at night after the working population leaves and the area empties out. Be careful parking your car downtown, where thefts are high.

How much does a billboard cost in Sacramento?

Sacramento, CA Billboard Advertising Rates

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Bulletin (Large Billboard) $2,500
Digital Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard) $3,250
Poster (Medium Billboard) $1,450
Digital Poster (Medium Digital Billboard) $1,950

Do any celebrities live in Sacramento?

Acting and filmmaking Max Baer, Jr. Adrienne Barbeau (born and raised) – actress. Barbi Benton (raised) – model, Playboy Playmate. Amanda Blake (resident) – actress, Gunsmoke. LeVar Burton (raised) – actor, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Timothy Busfield (resident) – actor, producer, director.

What is a good salary in Sacramento?

Sacramento residents need to make more than $90,000 a year to live comfortably, the analysis found.

What are the bad areas of Sacramento?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Sacramento , CA Parker Homes. Population 243. 659 % Del Paso Park. Population 1,232. 237 % Midtown. Population 6,443. 229 % Gardenland. Population 3,078. 214 % Upper Land Park. Population 3,917. 194 % South Hagginwood. Population 4,864. 194 % Johnson Heights. Population 668. 176 % Wills Acres. Population 1,025. 170 %

What is the richest part of Sacramento?


What is the safest place to live in Sacramento?

Here’s a closer look at some of the safest, most affordable neighborhoods in Sacramento! College/Glen. Hollywood Park . Natomas Park . Pocket. Tahoe Park . Willow Creek.

What is middle class income in Sacramento?

The median household income in the Sacramento region rose to a historic high last year as unemployment remained low, according to new census data. The median household income – the middle income in a ranked list – was $73,142 in 2018, up from $69,664 in 2017, after adjusting for inflation.

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