Where is paradise cove hawaii

Where is paradise cove hawaii

How far is Paradise Cove from Waikiki?

27 miles

How far is Paradise Cove from Aulani?

About 20 minutes walk. 3. Re: Is Paradise Cove far from Aulani Disney Resort?

How much does it cost to go to a luau in Hawaii?

Though the cost of a luau can vary by island and venue, plan on a minimum of $90 to $100 per adult. Most luau companies consider an adult guest to be anyone 13 years and older. For children between the ages of 6 to 12 years, plan to spend a minimum of $60 per child.

Are any luaus open on Oahu?

Are there any beachfront luaus on Oahu ? Yes, Germaine’s Luau and Paradise Cove Luau are great luaus on the beach.

Is a luau worth the money?

In my opinion, I think going to a luau is definitely worth planning into your Hawaii vacation. For around $90, you get to sample Polynesian food and watch a colorful Polynesian dance show. Luaus feature traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian food that you might not find on a resort menu.

Do you tip at a luau?

At many luaus your table will be assigned a server and that server will let you known when you can go to the buffet, will clear away old plates, and so on. If you don’t feel like the server really did much (or anything) then don’t feel obligated to tip .

Which luau is best in Oahu?

Here are the 10 Best luau across Oahu, as well as the places serving authentic Hawaiian food. Yama’s Fish Market. Highway Inn. Helena’s Hawaiian Food. Waikiki Starlight Luau- Hilton Hawaiian Village. The Royal Hawaiian Luau – Aha’aina . Germaine’s Luau . Paradise Cove Luau. Leeward Oahu. Polynesian Cultural Center Luau. East Oahu.

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What is the best luau in Hawaii?

The Best Authentic Luaus To Experience In Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center on Facebook. Polynesian Cultural Center on Facebook. Germaine’s Luau on Facebook. Paradise Cove Luau on Facebook. Island Breeze Luau on Facebook. Old Lahaina Luau on Facebook. Smith Family Garden Luau.

How much is a luau in Oahu?


Adults (ages 21+) $101.00 *
Juniors (ages 13-20) $91.00 *
Children (ages 4-12) $81.00 *
Children 3 years & under FREE

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