Where is soldotna alaska

Where is soldotna alaska

How do I get to Soldotna Alaska?

By Air: 25 minute flight from Anchorage. Flights arrive in Kenai – located 10 miles from Soldotna . From there you can rent a car or hail a cab to finish your journey to Soldotna . Era Alaska or Grant Aviation are the main flight charters that fly into the Kenai Municipal Airport.

Can you see the northern lights in Soldotna Alaska?

1 – The Milky Way with the Aurora Borealis mixed in and a sky full of stars is sure to keep you wide awake while driving the Seward Highway from Anchorage down to the Kenai Peninsula. 8 – The Northern Lights over the Kenai River in Kenai, Soldotna , Sterling or Cooper Landing is quite spectacular indeed!

Is Soldotna a good place to live?

Soldotna is an overall enjoyable place to live . It combines the experience of living within a small community and growing city into one, and while not every city is perfect . Soldotna is a close bet when deciding where to live .

What does Soldotna mean?

Soldotna was named for a nearby stream; it is a Russian word meaning “soldier.” Others believe it is derived from an Indian word meaning “stream fork.” The first homesteaders were World War II veterans, given a 90-day preference over non-veterans in selecting and filing for property in 1947.

How far is Soldotna from Anchorage?

approximately 150 miles

How far is it from Anchorage Alaska to Soldotna Alaska?

64 miles

Is 2020 a good year to see northern lights in Alaska?

Best Time to See the Northern Lights in Alaska Alaska’s northern lights season is between mid-September and late April, peaking in March, though it’s a season defined more by its long, dark nights than by solar activity. The further north you travel in Alaska , the more likely you are to see the northern lights .

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What month is the best time to visit Alaska?

When is the best month to visit Alaska? You can’t go wrong visiting Alaska anytime between May 10 and September 15. The days are long, nature is in full bloom, and the air is alive with energy. But, for the absolute best time to visit Alaska, shoot for June 15 to July 15.

Can you see Northern Lights on Alaska cruise?

Due to Alaska’s northerly latitude, the requisite darkness is elusive in summer, when daylight lasts as long as 21 hours a day. The May to September cruise season coincides exactly with the least likely time of year to see the northern lights , which are generally visible from late September through April.

Is Kenai Alaska a good place to live?

Kenai is a great place to live with a family. The town is centrally located to provide opportunities to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer. The town is home of the famous Kenai river salmon fishery and is surrounded by excellent hiking and cross country skiing trails, camping sites, and much more.

What county is Soldotna?

Kenai Peninsula Borough

What county is Kenai AK in?

Kenai Peninsula Borough

What is Soldotna postal code?

99669 Alaska

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