How to apply for unemployment in hawaii

How to apply for unemployment in hawaii

How do I file for unemployment in Hawaii?

Apply for benefits online at: huiclaims. hawaii .gov. Due to COVID19 all unemployment offices are closed to the public. Your complete work history for the past 18 months including: employer name(s) address(es) phone number(s) start and end dates of employment for each employer.

How much money do you get for unemployment in Hawaii?

If you are eligible to receive unemployment, your weekly benefit will be your total compensation in the highest-paid quarter of the base period divided by 21. The current maximum benefit amount is $648 per week (in 2020); the current minimum is $5 per week. You may receive benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks.

How do I file for unemployment for the first time?

How Do I Apply ? You should contact your state’s unemployment insurance program as soon as possible after becoming unemployed . Generally, you should file your claim with the state where you worked. When you file a claim, you will be asked for certain information, such as addresses and dates of your former employment.

How long does it take to get unemployment in Hawaii?

Most claims will take between 15 – 21 days before you receive your first payment unless your employer contests the claim. From what date will I be paid? Governor David Y. Ige waived the one week waiting period, so if you are eligible for benefits you will be paid from the first week you qualify for UI.

How do I file my weekly unemployment benefits?

You can claim weekly benefits either online at or by calling our Tel-Service toll-free number at 888-581-5812. We recommend that you use our online system. It is convenient and secure, and you may get your benefit payments faster!

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How many hours is considered full time in Hawaii?

Hawaii currently does not have a state law that says how many hours a person must work to be considered part-time or full-time. Most companies consider 40 hours per week as full-time and less than that as part-time.

Can you work part time and collect unemployment in Hawaii?

If you are still attached to your regular employer, worked less than your full- time hours, and earned less than your weekly benefit amount during a week, you may be eligible for partial unemployment benefits which can be backdated up to 28 calendar days to a week of less than full- time employment .

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Hawaii 2020?


What is considered low income in Hawaii?

And in 2017, “low-income” was considered $58,600 . Meanwhile, someone is “very low income” in Honolulu if they bring in $42,200 a year or less. For comparison’s sake, the minimum wage in Hawaii ― $10.10 an hour ― translates to $21,008 a year.

Who qualifies for the $600 unemployment?

All individuals collecting regular UC or PUA are eligible for the $600 per week. ​My employer offered me my job back, but I would make more staying on Unemployment .

Will unemployment run out?

Full federal support of extended benefits, as described in the CARES Act, ends on December 31, 2020. That means both the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program benefits will expire by year’s end.

How do I create a pin for unemployment?

By phone Call the PIN Selection Line at (617) 626-6943. Enter your 9-digit Social Security number (SSN) After hearing your security question, enter the first 4 letters of your answer using the keys on the telephone keypad. Enter your own unique 4-digit PIN . Re-enter the PIN you just selected.

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Who qualifies for Pua Hawaii?

You may be eligible for PUA if you are self-employed, do not have sufficient work history to qualify for regular UI, or have exhausted your rights to regular UI benefits or extended benefits. The individual has quit their job as a direct result of COVID-19.

How long does it take to receive unemployment?

It generally takes two to three weeks after you file your claim to receive your first benefit check, according to the Labor Department. This may differ by state and may be delayed due to a surge in volume being reported by unemployment offices around the country.

How long is it taking for unemployment to process?

three weeks

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