How to get from island to island in hawaii

How to get from island to island in hawaii

How much does it cost to get from island to island in Hawaii?

Hawaii inter- island : Using Honolulu to Maui or Kauai as example routes, fares during most travel times typically range from $118 (this week’s sale) to as much as $239 round trip. Based on a distance of 100 miles even, that comes out to between $0.59 and $1.19 per mile.

Are there ferries between the Hawaiian Islands?

Ferries . There are only two inter- island passenger ferries in Hawaii . The Molokai Ferry departs twice daily from Lahaina, Maui, to the nearby island of Molokai, and takes about 90 minutes. The Maui-Lanai Expeditions Ferry departs five times a day from Lahaina, reaching Manele Bay on Lanai in 45 minutes.

How easy is it to get from island to island in Hawaii?

Traveling between the Hawaiian Islands is relatively quick and easy . There are dozens of daily flights connecting the six major islands . Travel between Honolulu’s interisland terminal on Oahu and Maui, Kauai as well as both Kona and Hilo on the Big Island are the most frequent services with departures every hour or so.

How hard is it to island hop in Hawaii?

Is it Easy to Island Hop in Hawaii ? Yes, it’s really quick and easy to take an inter- island flight to a neighboring Hawaiian island . As you plan your Hawaii vacation, keep in mind that you’ll be spending time getting to/from the airport and possibly renting/returning a rental car.

How much money do you need for a week in Hawaii?

Put these numbers on your website. A vacation to Hawaii for one week usually costs around $1,882 for one person. So, a trip to Hawaii for two people costs around $3,765 for one week . A trip for two weeks for two people costs $7,529 in Hawaii .

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Is there ferry from Maui to Big Island?

There is no passenger ferry service. How do you travel between Maui and the Big Island ? You must fly. There is no passenger ferry service.

Is there a ferry from Maui to Oahu?

Travel by Ferry It is not currently possible to take a ferry directly from Oahu to the outer islands. Ferries run only between the islands of Maui and Lanai and between Maui and Molokai. Catch a ferry between Lahaina on Maui and Manele Bay on Lanai with the Maui -Lanai Expeditions company.

Is there a ferry from California to Hawaii?

Holland America Line. Several Holland America ships sail between California and Hawaii . The Circle Hawaii cruise is round-trip from San Diego aboard the Oosterdam. The 18-day itinerary stops in Hilo, Lahaina, Honolulu, Kona and Nawiliwili on the island of Kauai, and also cruises around the Kilauea Volcano.

How much is the ferry from Oahu to Maui?

$39 One-way passenger fare.

Which is the least touristy island in Hawaii?


Can you drive from Honolulu to Maui?

If you want to visit both destinations during a Hawaiian vacation, the only way to travel from Honolulu to Maui is by cruise ship or plane. It’s a short flight, and the logistics of the trip are generally quite straightforward.

How many miles are the Hawaiian Islands?

The Hawaiian Islands ( Hawaiian : Mokupuni o Hawai’i) are an archipelago of eight major islands , several atolls, numerous smaller islets, and seamounts in the North Pacific Ocean, extending some 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) from the island of HawaiĘ»i in the south to northernmost Kure Atoll.

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Can you drive from Oahu to Maui?

But closing the 80-mile gap between Oahu and Maui isn’t as easy as hopping on a ferry or hiring a shuttle. Inter-island cruises take a minimum of seven days to get from Honolulu to Oahu , making air travel the only viable option for direct travel between the two.

How do you get from Maui to the Big Island?

Mokulele Airlines has at least 14 daily flights from Kahului to Kona and three from Kapalua Airport to Kona, all nonstop services. Nonstop flights from Maui to Kona take from 35 to 45 minutes .

How much are island hopper flights in Hawaii?

These interisland flights are short (often less than 1 hour in the air ) flights that average at about $69 for a one-way ticket if you book on time.

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