Where is hanauma bay hawaii

Where is hanauma bay hawaii

What island is Hanauma Bay on?


Is Hanauma Bay still closed?

Hanauma Bay is now open to public. It was shut down in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reopening is a pilot program and before you visit, you should know that there are changes.

How much does it cost to snorkel at Hanauma Bay?

There is a $12 per person park entrance fee for non-resident visitors or $7.50 for residents 13 years of age and older. Admission is free for children up to 12 years of age, active military, and Hawaiian residents w/ proper ID. There is also a $3.00 parking fee , if you are driving to this Oahu beach.

How do I get to Hanauma Bay?

How to Get to Hanauma Bay by Car. Hanauma Bay is an easy drive from Honolulu. Take the H1 Freeway out of Waikiki until it becomes the Kalanianaole Highway. Drive for about 10 miles and you’ll see the entrance to Hanauma Bay on the top of the hill just past the city of Hawaii Kai.

Are there sharks at Hanauma Bay?

There are some sharks in the bay , even though it is a popular tourist attraction. However, the sharks in Hanauma Bay are reef sharks and are only about 4 feet long. They don’t feed on humans and there has never been any shark attack in the bay .

Why is Hanauma Bay dangerous?

HANAUMA BAY , OAHU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) – Despite its reputation as a safe snorkeling spot, Hanauma Bay is actually one of Hawaii’s deadliest beaches. Ocean Safety officials say part of the reason why there are so many drownings at Hanauma Bay is because there are so many visitors.

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Do you need water shoes in Hanauma Bay?

The sand at Hanauma Bay can be very coarse and may be irritating when it gets in your fins/ water socks. Walk into the water from the beach on the sand and then you float in the water with your mask and snorkel. You can access the whole reef without shoes . over a year ago.

What is the best time to go to Hanauma Bay?

We prefer to get here very early in the morning, before 7 a.m., to ensure our parking spot, to avoid the bulk of the crowd, to see the most fish in the early morning hours, and to possibly catch a time of lower winds. There is more information about snorkeling Hanauma Bay on this official park website.

Are there jellyfish in Hanauma Bay?

You may have seen beaches, or even popular Oahu snorkeling spot Hanauma Bay warning visitors not to swim because of jellyfish . They will mate beyond the reefs at night a few days after the full moon, but appear inshore after nighttime high tides recede, leaving them trapped along the beach.

Can I bring my own snorkel gear to Hanauma Bay?

You can bring your own snorkeling gear to Hanauma Bay , or you can rent it for the day from a little hut near the restrooms. I decided to rent the equipment, which cost $12 for everything – mask , snorkel and fins (note: the price in 2017 is now up to $20 to rent all the gear ).

Do you have to pay to go to Hanauma Bay?

Once you arrive at Hanauma Bay the is a standard entry fee of $12.00 for each guest. If you live on the island of Oahu and have a valid Hawaii ID card or Hawaii drivers licence then there is no charge to enter the park.

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Is Hanauma Bay free before 7am?

7. Re: Hanauma Bay free admission when arriving before 6:45am? dear dusty, from only my experience there, the security guard said to me at 6am the park and parking lot are open, but the ticket booth doesn’t open until 7am and you’re free to enter and walk on down to the beach and start swimming/snorkeling.

Is there food at Hanauma Bay?

There is food for sale, and it’s good food ! But it’s all the way at the top of the hill, near where you buy your entrance ticket. Although you are welcome to eat on the beach, there is no food for sale down at the beach. Beach wheelchairs are available for free, just ask the volunteers at Hanauma Bay .

Is Hanauma Bay Cash only?

Normally you’re supposed to pay a fee of $7.50/person ( cash or credit card) and watch a 20-minute orientation film before you walk or take the tram down to the beach (the tram is cash – only and costs $1 down/$1.50 up or $2 all day).

Can you swim in Hanauma Bay?

Named America’s best beach in 2004, Hanauma Bay is a longtime favorite among snorkelers and marine enthusiasts. It is home to over 450 kinds of tropical fish, many of which can only be found in Hawaii. Feeding, chasing or touching the fish and turtles is not allowed, but you can swim alongside them and take pictures.

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