French montana swae lee unforgettable

French montana swae lee unforgettable

Where did French Montana shot Unforgettable?


How much did French Montana make off of Unforgettable?

French Montana Spent $600k of His Own Money on “ Unforgettable ” Unforgettable and expensive. French Montana ‘s ” Unforgettable ” single is the biggest record of his career, peaking at No.

Who wrote unforgettable French Montana?

French Montana Суэй Ли C.P Dubb Jeremih

Why was unforgettable filmed in Uganda?

For the visuals to the latter, Montana flew to Uganda after stumbling upon a video of African kids dancing barefoot in rocky, muddy terrain while YouTubing his favorite African artist Cheb Hasni. As a father, the Bronx MC envisioned the children dancing to ” Unforgettable ” and searched for the tiny dancers.

How many times Platinum is unforgettable?

“Unforgettable” has been certified three times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

How many platinum does French Montana have?

When a Twitter account compared the Billboard Hot 100 performance of French to that of Young Thug, whom he’s currently feuding with, French said he has “20 platinum records.” “‘No Stylist’ 2 ‘Lockjaw’ 3 ‘Pop That’ 2 ‘Ain’t Worry Bout Nothing’ 1 ‘No Shopping’ 2 ‘All the Way Up’ 2 ‘Welcome to Party’ 1 platinum !!!

When was unforgettable recorded?

October 1951

How many streams does unforgettable have?

3 billion streams

Who made unforgettable beat?

French Montana

What’s SWAE Lee’s real name?

Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown

How much did Unforgettable make?

Ranking at Number Five on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and selling 7 million albums worldwide, French Montana’s “ Unforgettable ” single with Swae Lee has definitely been the biggest hit for the Moroccan-American artist.

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What country is French Montana from?

American Moroccan

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