Montana county license plate numbers

Montana county license plate numbers

What are the 56 counties in Montana?

License Plate Number County County Seat
53 Golden Valley Ryegate
54 Mineral Superior
55 Petroleum Winnett
56 Lincoln Libby

What county is number 6 in Montana?

License Plate Prefixes

Prefix County County Seat is in
6 Gallatin Bozeman
7 Flathead Kalispell
8 Fergus Lewistown
9 Powder River Broadus

How many license plates are there in Montana?

230 different license plate

How many counties are in Montana?

56 counties

What do Montana license plate numbers mean?

The commonly held belief is that the numbers were assigned based on the population of each county during the 1930 U.S. census. For example, Powder River County was assigned a vehicle registration code of 9, but its population in the 1930 census was only 3,909 people, making it the 46th most-populous county at the time.

What are 3 interesting facts about Montana?

Did You Know The origin of the name “Montana” comes from the Spanish word for “mountainous.” Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S. with the 44th largest population . Montana offers almost 28 million acres of public lands, almost 30 percent of the state’s total acreage.

Why are there so many Montana license plates?

To start, it’s important to explain the biggest reason why so many exotic cars have Montana license plates : Montana has no sales tax. Zero. Zip. Rural, comfortable, relaxed Montana , where there’s no sales tax, and registering that very same McLaren P1 costs you something like $200 in registration fees.

How did Montana counties get their numbers?

In the 1930s, the state legislature devised a system that could be used to identify vehicles by the county in which they were registered. The commonly held belief is that the numbers were assigned based on the population of each county during the 1930 U.S. census.

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What county is Bozeman Montana located in?

Gallatin County

Do you need a front license plate in Montana?

A license plate must be securely fastened to prevent it from swinging and may not be obstructed from plain view. All other motor vehicles must have one license plate displayed on the front and one license plate displayed on the rear of the motor vehicle.

How much are Montana license plates?

The registration period and the expiration date shown on the license plates for light vehicles are determined when the vehicle is first titled and registered in Montana , MCA 61-3-314. Light Vehicle Registration and Fees.

Age of Vehicle Registration Rate
0 to 4 years $217
5 to 10 years $87
11 years or more $28

How do I get a Montana license plate?

The Title and Registration Bureau regulates the issuance of vehicle license plates . Once you have titled and registered your vehicle and paid all taxes and fees, the county treasurer’s office gives you your plates . If the plates you want are not on hand, the county treasurer gives you a 40-day temporary permit.

What is the biggest county in Montana?

Beaverhead County

What is the population of Montana 2020?

1 million

Is MT for Montana?

Montana has no official nickname but several unofficial ones, most notably “Big Sky Country”, “The Treasure State”, “Land of the Shining Mountains”, and “The Last Best Place”.

USPS abbreviation MT
ISO 3166 code US- MT
Traditional abbreviation Mont.
Latitude 44° 21′ N to 49° N

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