Montana state record mule deer

Montana state record mule deer

Where are the biggest mule deer in Montana?

That particular hunting district in the East Fork of the Bitterroot is known far and wide as one of the best places to hunt for large mule deer bucks in Montana .

What is the biggest mule deer ever shot?

The Broder Buck : The World Record Non-Typical Mule Deer 361 6/8 Inches. Net Score: 355 2/8 Inches. Scoreable Points: 22 1/8 Inches (Inside) Mass:

What state has the largest mule deer?


What is a good mule deer score?

This is fine, too, but beam and tine length and mass are generally more important than spread. A mule deer buck that approaches 180 points will probably be fairly mature, with long beams, good points, and likely decent mass.

How much is a mule deer tag in Montana?

In Montana , residents pay $10 for a “Bow and Arrow” license , $8 for the “Conservation” license , $16 for a General deer license , $5 for a Deer Permit , $20 for an elk license and $9 for an Elk Permit .

What state has over the counter mule deer tags?

OTC states like Nebraska (archery and muzzleloader) and South Dakota (archery) are go-to locations for mule deer fanatics who come up empty in draw states / units. Many also hunt the late season in Arizona with a non-permit OTC archery tag.

Can you buy over the counter mule deer tags in Montana?

# Montana Offers Combination Big Game or Elk Tags Over-the-counter ( OTC ) tags are no longer available for non-residents. You will have to apply for what they call Combination Elk , Big game Combos ( Deer and Elk ) and Combination Deer licenses.

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Can a deer mate with an elk?

Elk and red deer can have fertile offspring, often a strong indicator that two animals belong to the same species. If the animals escape from their confinement, as is sometimes the case, they can mate with wild elk creating a hybrid offspring that can threaten the purity of wild elk herds.

Can mule deer and whitetail breed?

Whitetail bucks will breed with mule deer does, and the offspring usually retain the whitetail characteristics. Reverse mating — mule deer bucks to whitetail does — is rarer. So where the two species share a common range, the whitetail tends to dominate.

Which state hunts the most?


What state has largest deer population?

Mississippi tops the list at almost 40 deer per square mile, but Pennsylvania , Wisconsin and Michigan all show an average of more than 30 deer per square mile. Indiana, Alabama, South Carolina and Kentucky all have 23 or more deer per square mile.

What is mule deer favorite food?

What Do Mule Deer Eat? Mule deer are herbivores and chiefly forage on plants and berries. They enjoy shrubbery, grasses, twigs, leaves, mushrooms and vines. Mule deer are even known to forage in the summer on California Buckeye leaves, although there is evidence of that plant’s toxicity.

Are mule deer bigger than whitetail?

Mule deer does weigh in between 100 and 220 pounds, whereas white-tailed does come in anywhere from 90-200 lbs. Whitetails also have a higher birth rate, their does can often breed their first fall at 6 months of age. Mule deer does take longer to mature.

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What is the world record non typical mule deer?

291 1/8″

What is a typical mule deer?

Under the Boone and Crockett Club’s scoring system, the gross score for a typical mule deer is the sum total of measurements of his inside spread, length of his main beams, length of points, and eight mass or circumference measurements. By definition, a typical mule deer will have four points per side, plus eye guards.

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