Population of montana cities

Population of montana cities

What is the population of Montana 2020?

1 million

What city in Montana has the largest population?


What are the main cities in Montana?

The Cities in Montana Overview. Billings . Bozeman . Butte. Great Falls . Helena. Kalispell. Missoula .

Is Missoula bigger than Bozeman?

Missoula is bigger population-wise but really the downtown area of Missoula is just slightly bigger than Bozeman’s . Both have just OK dining opportunities, Missoula may have a better music scene, and it’s a little less white bread than Bozeman .

What is the average income in Montana?


What is the least populated town in Montana?


What is the best city in Montana to live?

7 Best Cities in Montana Missoula . Missoula, Montana | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane. Helena . Helena | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane. Bozeman . Bozeman . Kalispell. Kalispell, seen from Jewel Basin Hiking Area | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane. Butte. The World Museum of Mining in Butte. Billings . Billings from the Rimrocks | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane. Great Falls.

Where should I live in Montana?

Belgrade. Situated north of Bozeman, in the center of Gallatin Valley, the small city of Belgrade is one of the most conveniently located places to live in Montana . Billings. This southeast Montana city is the most populous in the state. Bozeman. Dillon. Four Corners. East Helena. Helena. Livingston.

What’s the most popular city in Montana?


What is the richest city in Montana?


Is it expensive to live in Montana?

An amount below 100 means Montana is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Montana , Montana is more expensive . Montana cost of living is 94.0.

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COST OF LIVING Montana United States
Overall 94 100
Grocery 99.6 100
Health 100.2 100
Housing 100.4 100

What is the safest city in Montana?

The 10 Safest Cities in Montana #1. Glendive . +1. Population 5,132. #2. Deer Lodge. +7. Population 2,902. #3. Whitefish. +1. Population 7,801. #4. Columbia Falls . -1. Population 5,456. #5. Dillon . +9. Population 4,281. #6. Miles City . -5. Population 8,496. #7. Bozeman . Population 48,101. Median Income $49,217. #8. Laurel. -3. Population 6,800.

Are there rattlesnakes in Missoula MT?

Prairie rattlesnakes inhabit western Montana , but are rarely seen. Warm June weather has prompted reports of rattlesnakes in the Missoula area, although no confirmed sightings or injuries have been recorded.

Is Missoula MT a good place to live?

Missoula is a very beautiful place with lots of good hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, and so much more. If you do not like going outdoors and being active we have an excellent array of city activities with a wonderful mall and movie theater. Missoula is a very comfortable, although painfully homogeneous, town.

Is Missoula Montana a safe place to live?

Kalispell is an issue with property crime–it’s rate is nearly 30% higher than the national level–yet the city is one of two Montana cities to record a violent crime rate below the national rate. Montana’s Safest Cities .

City Missoula
Violent crime 333
Property crime 3521
Law enforcement employees 128
Total crimes 3854

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