What is the weather like in billings montana

What is the weather like in billings montana

What are winters like in Billings Montana?

Billings ‘ climate is surprisingly mild for its northern location. In the winter , while the average snowfall is 59 inches, it rarely accumulates to any great depth due to frequent thawing periods. Bitter cold spells can change into Chinook wind warm ups in a matter of hours.

Is Billings Montana a good place to live?

Billings is a great city located in Montana . Billings is still rural enough to give you the love of outdoors and mountains, but large enough to give you the nightlife of music and fun if that’s your “thing”. Overall Billings is a pretty awesome place to live and/or visit.

How much snow does Billings Montana get?

Billings , Montana gets 14 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Billings averages 46 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

What kind of weather does Montana have?

Montana has a northern Pacific coastal climate with cool summers and mild winters in the western part of the state, while the eastern part, separated by the Continental Divide, experiences a semi-arid, continental type of climate (Köppen climate classification BSk) with warm summers and cold winters.

Is it expensive to live in Billings Montana?

Summary about cost of living in Billings , MT , United States: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,038.11$ without rent (using our estimator). A single person estimated monthly costs are 849.96$ without rent. Cost of living index in Billings is 31.86% lower than in New York.

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What is the sunniest city in Montana?


What city in Montana has the highest crime rate?


What should I know before moving to Montana?

15 Things to Know Before Moving to Montana You’ll want to get out into nature. Montanans tend to be an active bunch. Public universities are a good option here. Population density is low. Skiing and snowboarding reign supreme. Winters are freezing. Montana is politically divided. Ranching is alive and well. Hunting and fishing are huge in Montana .

What is Billings Montana famous for?

Known as Montana’s Trailhead, Billings perfectly blends culture and history with outdoor adventure and R&R. After a day of exploration, don’t forget the world-class cuisine and vibrant craft beer scene. It’s no surprise Billings is the “Best Town of 2016” according to Outside Magazine.

Is Montana colder than Alaska?

Some states are among the ten coldest states year round. Consistently cold throughout the year are Maine, Vermont, Montana and Wyoming. It is because Minnesota and North Dakota get so exceptionally cold in winter, that they place just behind Alaska for the lowest annual average temperature.

Does Montana have tornadoes?

Montana typically sees several tornadoes every year in the spring, particularly in the eastern part of the state. Unlike those in ” Tornado Alley” in the central part of the country, most Montana tornadoes are relatively small and usually touch down in sparsely-populated areas – but not always.

Does Montana have four seasons?

Most of the United State has four seasons of the year. The common jokes in Montana are we have 10 months of winter and two months of soggy sledding. Or another popular one is Montana has ten months of winter and two months of construction.

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Is Montana a safe place to live?

Although people in Montana aren’t stressing out about safety as much as others across the country, personal experience with violent and property crime increased year over year. The good news is that the state’s violent crime rate is on par with the national rate—both are 3.7 incidents per 1,000.

What part of Montana gets the most rain?

Glacier National Park area

Which city in Montana has the best weather?

Missoula tends to see less snowfall than the surrounding areas and have temperatures in the twenties (quite warm for a Montana winter). 8 Montana Towns Known For Their Mild Winters Billings. Wendy / Flickr. Great Falls. J. Livingston. Jasperdo / Flickr. Hamilton. A. Kalispell. Holly Hayes / Flickr. Laurel. Darby. Missoula.

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