How long is the flight from new york to antigua

How long is the flight from new york to antigua

How long is a flight from New York to Anguilla?

3 hours, 51 minutes

What airlines fly from New York to Antigua?

For as low as $339, JetBlue can have you in Antigua from New York in 3h 57m. Airlines will cover a distance of 1786 mi. Generally, flights for this route are nonstop.

Airline United Airlines
Cheapest $184
Average $566
Flexibility No cancel fee
Search United Airlines flights

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How far is the flight to Antigua?

Flying time from United States to Antigua and Barbuda The total flight duration from United States to Antigua and Barbuda is 5 hours , 33 minutes.

How long is a flight from New York to the Caribbean?

It has never been easier to get from New York direct to the Caribbean . No matter which time of the year you choose to travel you will find a great selection of flights all less than 5 hours journey time from New York with many being between 3 and 4 hours flying time.

Can you fly direct from New York to Anguilla?

We ‘ve done the JFK to SXM direct flight several times and are sold that’s the way to go from NYC . You ‘re in Anguilla in less than 6 hours without any layover or baggage change. For $55 pp each way, you can have VIP service (be met at the airport, baggage handling, etc.)

Is it safe to travel to Anguilla?

Anguilla is one of the safest islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The same general tips that apply to any beach vacation – such as using the hotel safe to guard your valuables instead of bringing them with you to the shore – apply to enjoying your time here as well.

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Where should I stay in Antigua?

Best towns to stay in Antigua Saint John’s. In the north of the island, nestled on the west coast is the capital of Antigua , Saint Johns. English Harbour Town. English Harbour town lies on the southern shores of Antigua around 35 minutes from the airport. Jolly Harbour. Dickenson Bay. Falmouth.

What airlines fly to Antigua from Miami?

Miami (MIA) to Antigua (ANU) Flight Schedule

Flight info. Departure
AA1191 American Airlines 09:55 MIA 14:04 ANU Search
IB4570 IBERIA 10:45 MIA 14:01 ANU Search
AA2405 American Airlines 10:55 MIA 14:10 ANU Search
AA197 American Airlines 12:05 MIA 16:12 ANU Search

Does JetBlue fly nonstop to Antigua?

JetBlue Launches Nonstop Service to Antigua and Barbuda From New York. Bird International Airport (ANU), from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), with three times weekly service on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Can I go to Antigua right now?

Entry to Antigua and Barbuda is restricted. Visitors may be subject to a Coronavirus test on arrival. The local authorities may instruct you to enter government-provided quarantine or to self-quarantine in your accommodation.

What airlines fly nonstop to Antigua?

Flight Information American Airlines flies direct from JFK and from Miami on a daily basis. United Airlines flies direct from Newark (EWR) every Saturday and Sunday. Delta Airlines flies direct from Atlanta (ATL) and from JFK every Saturday. U.S. Airways flies direct from Charlotte NC (CTL) every Saturday.

Is Antigua safe?

While the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is generally safe, petty crime can still challenge travelers – even the most experienced. Here’s what you need to know. This is one of the safest Caribbean nations, but there’s still good reason to lock up your valuables and watch your back.

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What is the safest Caribbean island to visit 2020?

The safest Caribbean islands to visit Barbados . The Dominican Republic. Anguilla . St. Maarten/St. Martin. St. Barts. The Virgin Islands. Antigua. Turks & Caicos .

What is the closest Caribbean island to the US?


Which Caribbean island is closest to New York?


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