How many miles from florida to new york

How many miles from florida to new york

How far is New York from Florida by plane?

996 miles

How many hours is Florida from New York?

In each case, your trip will comprise around 1,290 miles and just under 20 hours of drive time.

How many states are between Florida and New York?

nine states

What states do you pass driving from Florida to New York?

It takes you along the coast of Georgia , through North Carolina and South Carolina , Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland, and small portions of Delaware and New Jersey before you end up in Lower Manhattan.

Is it cheaper to drive to Florida or fly?

Driving might be the cheapest option for you. Even though it can take longer to drive than fly for long-distance trips, gas and lodging can be cheaper than plane tickets, baggage fees, and rental cars. This benefit covers the cost of a hotel night so your only travel expenses are gas and food.

Can you take a train from Florida to New York?

Ride the Amtrak Overnight Train Between Florida and New York Then transfer at fNew York Penn Station, to board one of two Amtrak Silver Service trains that runs between the Big Apple and Miami. A mere 21 1/2 hours overnight train ride.

What is halfway between New York and Florida?


How long is a road trip from New York to Florida?

about 18 hours

How much is a plane ticket from New York to Florida?

On average you can expect to pay $476 for a flight from New York to Florida . The cheapest flight overall is $79 while the most popular route, ( New York John F Kennedy Intl – Miami) is currently priced at $73.

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How long is a bus ride from New York to Florida?

Is there a direct bus between New York and Florida ? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from New York , Ny and arriving at Jacksonville, Fl . Services depart every two hours , and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 21h 20m.

Where should I stop on a road trip from New York to Florida?

New York to Florida Road Trip Itinerary Stop 1. New York City (3-4 nights) Stop 2. Montauk, NY (2 nights) Stop 3. Asbury Park, NJ (2 nights) Stop 4. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (2 nights) Stop 5. Norfolk/Virginia Beach (1 night) Stop 6. Blue Ridge Parkway/Asheville (3 nights) Stop 7. Stop 8.

How far is Miami from NYC?

Distance from New York to Miami is 1,753 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 1,089 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between New York and Miami is 1,753 km = 1,089 miles.

Where should I stop on a road trip to Florida?

Places to stop on a Florida road trip Orlando. From St. Cape Canaveral. Head out of Orlando along the FL -528 E and you’ll reach Florida’s Space Coast in around 45 minutes. Fort Lauderdale. Miami. Marco Island. Naples. Cape Coral. Tampa.

What states do you pass driving to Florida?

Day one takes you along the most congested part of Interstate 95 from New York south through Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia ending your drive in Fayetteville, North Carolina . Day two takes you on a long, flat drive through North Carolina , South Carolina and Georgia and finally into Florida.

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How much does it cost to drive from Miami to New York?

The total cost of driving from Miami , FL to New York , NY (one-way) is $109.28 at current gas prices . The round trip cost would be $218.55 to go from Miami , FL to New York , NY and back to Miami , FL again. Regular fuel costs are around $2.14 per gallon for your trip.

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