How to get a job at new york times

How to get a job at new york times

How much do New York Times editors make?

The typical New York Times Editor salary is $106,059. Editor salaries at New York Times can range from $64,027 – $165,464. This estimate is based upon 12 New York Times Editor salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How do I get access to the New York Times?

NYTimes .com Academic, Digital and Group Passes grant digital access to The New York Times for a predefined period of time. Academic Passes are available for purchase by educational institutions and grant NYTimes .com access on and off campus; users are required to verify their school email address to gain access .

How do I get a free subscription to the New York Times?

New subscribers can sign up for a free 6-month digital subscription to get unlimited online access on NYTimes .com and the company’s free mobile app. That’s a $90 value. Once the freebie is over, you’ll automatically subscriber for $7.49 for the first 12 months. After that, it’s $14.99 a month.

Is the NY Times profitable?

For the year, the New York -based company reported profit of $140 million on revenue of $1.81 billion. Shares of The New York Times have risen 30% in the last 12 months. Copyright 2020 The Associated Press.

What is the highest paying job in journalism?

Here are 10 well- paying jobs for journalism majors to consider: Social media planner. Content manager. Digital strategist. Communications manager. Public relations specialist. Corporate communications specialist. Journalist . Product marketing manager.

Do editors make good money?

As of 2021, the average editor in the U.S. makes around $65-70k/year. And an editor with years of experience and high-level expertise, such as a current or former Big 5 editor , can make up to $100k/year or even more.

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Do students get New York Times for free?

U.S. high school students , teachers and administrators are eligible for free access to The New York Times online from now through September 1, 2021, unless any of the following apply: The student is under the age of 13.

Is a NYT subscription worth it?

I’d say it is pretty much worth it . It is arguably the best newspaper in the world, or at the very least the most important. I’d say it is pretty much worth it . They have great “traditional” coverage and usually are on the forefront of digital journalism, making interesting experiments in video, data, podcasting etc.

How much is a NY Times digital subscription?

The New York Times : Digital and Home Delivery Subscriptions . Unlimited access to all the journalism we offer. Billed as $17 $8 every 4 weeks for one year. You can cancel anytime.

Is NYT cooking free with NYT subscription?

I have a free trial to The New York Times . Is NYT Cooking included? NYT Cooking is included with print subscriptions , as well as “All Access” digital subscriptions . If you have a “Basic” subscription , click here to see options for upgrading to get full access to NYT Cooking .

Can I subscribe to just the Sunday Times?

A subscription to The Digital Pack includes access to The Times and The Sunday Times content on web, on our smartphone app and on our tablet app. You can also get The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers along with The Digital Pack when you purchase ‘The 7-Day Print and Digital Pack’.

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How much does the Sunday NY Times cost?

Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy says the big Sunday newspaper still costs the same: $5 in the New York area and $6 in the rest of the country. And the cost of digital subscriptions remains the same. The price of home delivery is up by about 4 percent.

How many people subscribe NYT?

7 Million Subscribers

Who currently owns the New York Times?

The New York Times Company

Type Public
Total equity $1.17 billion (2019)
Owner Sulzberger family (13%) Carlos Slim (17%)
Number of employees 4,500 (2019)

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