How to read the new york times

How to read the new york times

How can I read the Nytimes for free?

Anytime you hit a page on the NY Times ‘ website asking you to cough up some cash to continue reading, simply hit the NYTClean bookmark in your toolbar. Magically, it works and you’re redirected to a free version of the article.

How do I bypass the New York Times paywall?

5 Ways You Can Still Get Around the New York Times Paywall Google the headline. This also works for the Wall Street Journal paywall . Use an incognito window in Chrome. Incognito windows let you browse the Web privately. Search for the link on Twitter. Use the NYClean bookmark. Quit complaining and pony up the $15 per month for quality journalism.

How long should it take to read a newspaper?

Most important pages to focus on in a newspaper are – editorial (the one page which if you can get through it completely is going to take about 1- 2 hour , depending on the newspaper you are reading, and is going to make you informed about so many things going on nationally and internationally), international news page,

How do you read a newspaper effectively in less time?

Review the sections. Look for the sections that most interest you. Keep them in mind as you read , as you’ll know to pay closer attention when you read those sections. You can also choose to start with the sections that are most important to you, so you can give them the most attention while your mind is fresh.

How can I read Washington Post for free?

Washington Post offers free access to users who are Amazon Prime members, meaning people who bought the Amazon Prime subscription. Also, you can have unlimited access if you have . edu, . mil/, or .

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Why are paywalls bad?

Policy consultant Prateek Sibal warns that paywalls could even lead publications to become more partisan. It would make sense for paywalled publications to produce content that their subscribers care about, Sibal argues. “This means that issues that affect those who are unable to pay will be covered less and less.”

How can I read news for free?

7 Ways To Get Around The Paywalls Of WSJ, NYT And More Google a Headline. This is the easiest way to get around most paywalls. Use a Referer Control Extension. Go Into Incognito Mode. Delete Your Cookies. Make the Most Out of Social Media. Make Use of Your Read -It-Later Apps. Switch Up Your Browser.

How do you bypass a paywall?

Depending on what browser you use, you can usually bypass most sites’ paywalls by simply switching over to its “private” or “incognito” mode, whatever it’s called on your particular browser. However, some websites are more creative nowadays.

How can I read WSJ 2020 for free?

Make a dummy page and share the paywall based articles there, click on those articles and now you can read WSJ for free . Sharing a link to Twitter: This is another popular method to bypass any newspaper paywall. Share and tweet the link to WSJ and click on it. Now, you can read the article without any issue.

How do you find time to read?

How to Make Time to Read Read first thing in the morning and/or before bed. Don’t leave the house without reading material. Make the most of your commute. If you don’t have to drive to work, use subway or bus time to catch up on reading . Find books that are of interest to you. Set goals. Start or join a book club.

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What do you read in a newspaper?

Have a clear idea of the UPSC syllabus before starting your preparation so that when you read the newspaper , you know what is related to the syllabus and what is not. Read only the exam-relevant articles and editorials. Your goal is more important than your interest when it comes to reading the newspaper .

How can I improve my English by reading newspaper?

Six ways to read a newspaper article: Look for interesting sections. Newspapers contain different sections catered to different audiences. Regular practice. It is important to read newspapers every day. Change periodically. Do not stick to one newspaper . Discuss with others. Understand the context. Read it in mind.

What is the best time to read newspaper?

The best time to read the newspaper remains Mornings. If you are done with the newspaper in the first two hours after waking up, it almost has a therapeutic effect on your day. The best time to read the newspaper remains Mornings.

Which is the best newspaper for beginners?

In this article, we will be looking at the 13 best English Newspapers in India. The Tribune. The Indian Express. The Hindu . The Times of India. Hindustan Times. The Statesman. The Economic Times. The Telegraph.

Is reading the newspaper good for you?

Reading newspaper makes you well informed. It enables you to take part in every discussion pertaining to the world’s current events. Reading newspapers will improve your knowledge in general and it will be easy for you to relate to other people who often talks about current events and politics.

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