What section is the crossword in the new york times

What section is the crossword in the new york times

Does New York Times subscription include crossword?

A subscription to The New York Times Games gives you access to: All of The New York Times Word Games and Logic Puzzles including: The Crossword – Access to the Daily Crossword puzzles the evening before their release in print. The Mini Crossword .

What are the circles in the New York Times crossword?

Circle-in-the-square is a type of crossword puzzle in which circles appear in some of the Answer squares. The letters that will appear in the circles when the Answers are written in spell out words related to the puzzle’s theme.

How do I submit a New York Times crossword?

Type the clues double-spaced on the left (no periods after the numbers), answer words in a corresponding column on the far right. Down clues need not begin on a new page. Include a filled-in answer grid with numbers. Put your name, address and email address on the grid page.

Which day of the New York Times crossword is hardest?


How Much Does the NYT Crossword cost?

An annual subscription the the Crossword costs $39.95 per year and a monthly is $6.95 per month. New York Times digital and home delivery subscribers get a 50 percent discount on Crossword subscriptions. And, as always, The New York Times also offers a Crossword app for iOS available to download on the App Store.

What day is the easiest crossword?


Which day is the hardest crossword?


What do circles on a crossword mean?

circle -in-the-square. A type of crossword puzzle in which circles appear in some of the white squares. The letters in squares that contain circles spell out words related to the theme either when read consecutively or when rearranged to form theme-related words. clue.

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How long should a crossword take?

8-12 minutes

Can you print NYT Crossword?

How do I print a puzzle ? Puzzles can be printed online. There is no printing function on the iOS or Android apps. Home Delivery subscribers can print the newspaper version of the last 8 days of puzzles.

How do you become a crossword puzzle writer?

Here are seven tips on how to write crosswords : Think of the theme. Start by thinking of a theme for your puzzle . Write a long list of words. Include short and long words. Link longer words together in the center. Number every square that contains the letter of a word. Start to create clues! Need word help?

What is the best crossword puzzle maker?

4 Very Good Tools to Create Crossword Puzzle Games 1- Crossword Puzzle Tool from ReadWriteThink. 2- Crossword Labs. 3- Puzzlemaker . 4- Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker .

What is the best free crossword puzzle app?

5 of the Best Android Crossword Apps for Word Enthusiasts Shortyz Crosswords. If you’re a fan of doing newspaper crosswords, Shortyz Crosswords is an absolute must-have. Crossword Cryptic. Cryptic crosswords have always been a tough nut to crack. Crossword Puzzle Free. CodyCross. Wordalot.

Do ___ desperate situation?

POSSIBLE ANSWER: ORDIE Did you solve Do ___ ( desperate situation ): 2 wds?

How do you master crossword puzzles?

But when you sit down to work on any crossword grid, you’ll likely enjoy yourself more if you keep these simple tips in mind: Work in pencil. Be loyal to a puzzle editor. Think about theme. Fill in the blanks first. Focus on small (three-to-five-letter) word entries. Visit Crosswordese.com. Get trivial.

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