Where is ballston spa new york

Where is ballston spa new york

How far is Ballston Spa New York?

The distance between New York and Ballston Spa is 158 miles. The road distance is 180.2 miles. How do I travel from New York to Ballston Spa without a car?

What county is Ballston Spa NY in?


How far is Ballston Spa from Saratoga Springs?

7 miles

Is Ballston Spa a good place to live?

Ballston spa NY is a nice place to live , its quiet and crime rates are low. Everyone in the town seems to be pretty friendly. The schools are good , and there is many job opportunities.

What is the zip code for Ballston Spa New York?


Can you swim in Ballston Lake?

In each of the last two years, the NYS Department of Health tests have documented the presence of blue-green algae in Ballston Lake causing warnings to be issued recommending against swimming in and drinking the water.

How did Burnt Hills NY get its name?

Those Indians sometimes would burn the surrounding hillsides so as to attract the deer who would come to eat the new shoots that would sprout up from the ground. Thus, the area became known as the land of the “ burnt hills ,” a name we still use for the area.

How long is Ballston Lake?

3 ½ mile

How far is Ballston Spa from Lake George?

30.18 miles

Where should I live in Saratoga Springs NY?

Country Knolls. Suburb in New York. #1 Best Places to Live in Saratoga County. Saratoga Springs . Suburb in New York. 86 reviews. Ballston Spa. Suburb in New York. South Glens Falls. Town in New York. Mechanicville. Suburb in New York. Clifton Park. Suburb in New York. Halfmoon. Suburb in New York. Ballston. Suburb in New York.

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