Why did new york and tailor made break up

Why did new york and tailor made break up

Is New York and tailor made together?

After previously denying it, VH1 has confirmed that I Love New York second-season lovebirds George ” Tailor Made ” Weisgerber and Tiffany ” New York ” Pollard have called it quits on their romantic relationship.

Why did New York and Tango break up?

In the finale, Tango and New York got engaged. However, he broke up with her at the reunion special, citing comments New York had made on the show about his mom. “Like I said in the first scene, I came to know and meet Tiffany. I sat back and watched New York disrespect me and my mother and that can’t fly.

What happened to Buddha I love New York?

New York said goodbye to Bonez on episode three, and he then competed on the second season of the spinoff I Love Money, finishing in 12th place. He currently goes by the name Kevin John and works as a sportscaster. Excited to be covering sports in the great state of Texas now. Thankful for new opportunities.

Who is I Love New York married to?

Tiffany Pollard’s I Love New York Reunited reunion special was exciting for multiple reasons, but one in particular put a surprised smile on everyone’s faces. The reality television star announced that she’s engaged and showed off her spectacular ring.

Was I Love New York scripted?

In actuality, the only thing that was scripted was the setting. The only scripted part of the show was the house and the 19 guys going for one girl . To be honest with you, this cast, the guys I was with, that was very, very real.

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Who died from I Love New York?


Did tango really love New York?

However, plenty of drama ensued on “The Reunion” special of the show. Tango broke the engagement with New York because of the things she said about him and his mother. Although New York and Tango were engaged, they are no longer together.

How much is Tiffany from I Love New York worth?

Due to her on-screen success and ability to dominate reality television, Tiffany Pollard has gone on to amass a net worth of $500,000!

Who won Season 2 of I Love New York?

George Weisgerber

Where is 12 pack now?

12 Pack now Amerman totally switched franchises when he signed up for VH1’s Daisy of Love. Nowadays, his Facebook suggests he’s living a more low-key life, married with two children and working as an auction manager for Steiner Sports.

How much did Flavor of Love contestants get paid?

For other competition shows it is about the experience, not the money. The stipend for “Real World” and ” Flavor of Love : Charm School” is only around $100 per day.

What year did I love New York come out?


What is Hoopz doing now?

Now at the age of 35, Alexander has been busy acting, modeling, playing basketball and getting buff. During her time on Flavor of Love, she earned the nickname ” Hoopz ” from her basketball skills. She played in high school, but never pursued the sport professionally.

Is Tiffany Pollard in a relationship?

On the “I Love New York” reunion special Monday night, star Tiffany Pollard revealed she recently got engaged! “To find love the way I did, I stopped looking for it, and it literally found me, and I’m engaged, just 21 days old,” she told host Vivica A. Fox.

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Who Won the flavor of love?

Chandra Davis Season 2 Nicole Alexander Season 1

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