Watford city, north dakota

Watford city, north dakota

Does Watford City ND have a Walmart?

Best walmart supercenter near Watford City , ND 58854.

Is Watford City ND safe?

Do you feel safe walking alone at night in Watford City ? Extremely safe . Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

What county is Watford City North Dakota in?


What is the most dangerous city in North Dakota?


Are people in North Dakota friendly?

High Quality of Life (and Nice Neighbors!) Families with young children looking to relocate should definitely consider North Dakota , as its residents are also some of the friendliest in the nation.

Is Watford a city or town?

listen)) is a town and borough in Hertfordshire, England, 17.5 miles northwest of Charing Cross.

What is the elevation of Watford City North Dakota?


What is Watford City Zip Code?


What should I know before moving to North Dakota?

Things to Consider Before Moving to North Dakota No really big cities: There are no big cities in North Dakota . Housing shortages in some places: There is a housing shortage in towns like Minot and Williston. Open spaces: There is quite a bit of wide open space in this state. The weather: Finally, there is the weather.

Is North Dakota dangerous?

The violent crime rate statewide is 2.8, which is the same as last year and below the national rate of 3.7 incidents per 1,000. North Dakota’s property crime rate fell year over year, from 22.1 to 20.4 incidents per 1,000.

What is the best city to live in North Dakota?

The result is this list of the best cities for : West Fargo , ND. Williston, ND. Bismarck , ND. Mandan, ND. Dickinson, ND. Watford City, ND. Fargo , ND. Minot, ND.

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