Oregon sex offender registry

Oregon sex offender registry

How do I look up sex offenders in Oregon?

Oregon’s Sex Offender registry manages all information on sex offenders living in the state. The registry is in charge of updating this information in real time. You can search for sex offenders near you by visiting the registry’s official website.

How bad is a Level 2 sex offender?

Level 2 or Tier II offenses are also generally non-violent but involve minors. These offenses require people who are convicted to register as sex offenders for at least 25 years and report for verification twice per year. Level 3 or Tier III offenses are considered to be the most serious .

Are sex offenders allowed to have cell phones?

Speaking as a convicted, registered sex offender , as a general rule, yes. Usually, this limits the offender to a single device which must be able to be monitored by the government-selected company, unless other devices are specifically approved by the probation officer.

How do I get off the sex offender registry in Oregon?

In order to seek relief from the registration requirement, a person (petitioner) must file a petition in court. Once you file, you will get a case number which will be stamped on all the copies of your petition. The petitioner must then serve a copy of these papers with the district attorney for that court.

What state has the most registered sex offenders?


How accurate is family watchdog?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Family Watchdog makes no representation, implied or expressed, that all information placed on this web site is accurate . The information that is used to report on this site derives from official public records.

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What did a Level 1 sex offender do?

Level 1 sex offenders present the lowest risk for re- offense to the community at large. Most have successfully participated or are participating in approved sex offender treatment programs.

What is the highest tier of sex offender?

Offenses in this tier include pornography, child endangering, compelling prostitution and gross sexual imposition victim younger than 13, among others. The most severe sex offenders are given a Tier III designation.

What is the lowest level of sex offender?

Levels of Classification Level 1: Least risk of 1) repeat offense and 2) overall danger posed to the public. Level 2: Moderate risk for repeat offense within community at large. Level 3 : The risk of repeat offense is high. Most State and the National Sex Offender Registries are required to report Level 3 offenders only.

Are there any female sex offenders?

Studies of female sex offenders are relatively rare, at least in part because most known sex offenders are male. Females comprise only 1.2 percent of arrests for rape and 8.0 percent of arrests for all other sex offenses (U.S. Department of Justice, 2002).

Can a Level 3 sex offender have a Facebook?

Convicted sex offenders aren’t allowed to use Facebook . A link to a listing in a national or state sex offender registry. A link to an online news article.

Can I refuse to hire a sex offender?

The bottom line: California law prohibits employers from using sex offender registry data when making employment decisions.

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