Are butterfly knives illegal in utah

Are butterfly knives illegal in utah

What knives are illegal in Utah?

Utah Knife Laws It is legal to own a Balisong , or butterfly knife . It is legal to own a dirk, dagger , or other stabbing knife. It is legal to own a stiletto . It is legal to own a bowie knife. It is legal to own an automatic or gravity knife . It is legal to own a disguised knife, such as a lipstick or belt buckle.

Where are butterfly knives illegal in the US?

United States California : Any knife is illegitimate to carry or bear if its blade is more than 2 inches in length. However, an automatic knife is legal to possess if you keep it in your home. Hawaii : Balisong knife or Butterfly knife is illegal to sell, possess, transport, manufacture, or transfer in Hawaii .

Can you conceal carry a knife in Utah?

At a Glance: Knives , as such, are not restricted in Utah where uniformity of weapon law state- wide obtains. Some knives may be ‘dangerous weapons’ as statutorily defined, but all knives may be carried openly or concealed except by convicted felons or by individuals with criminal intent.

Why are OTF knives illegal?

Before you purchase an OTF knife , it is important that you understand the laws in the state where you reside. Some states, for example, do not allow the sale of OTF knives but allow possession. These laws were put in place to protect against violent crimes carried out using switchblades .

Can I carry a gun in Utah?

Utah allows for open carry of unloaded firearms without a concealed firearm permit. Utah requires a permit to carry a concealed firearm. With a permit, a person may carry a firearm with a loaded chamber either openly or concealed. Utah will honor a permit issued by any state or county.

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How old do you have to be to buy a pocket knife in Utah?


What states are automatic knives illegal?

State Laws Regarding Auto-Open Knives Alabama . Alaska . Arizona . Arkansas . California (less than 2″ blade length limitation) Colorado (effective approximately Aug. 9, 2017; concealed carry maximum length 3-1/2″) Connecticut (maximum 1-1/2″ blade length limitation) Florida .

Can I buy an automatic knife online?

glistam Member. You can legally purchase an auto from an online dealer IF that dealer is located within the same state as you (to comply with federal law), AND your state’s law has no prohibition against the sale, purchase or possession of an auto (carry laws are a separate matter).

Is it illegal to carry a practice butterfly knife?

In many styles of trainer knives , the blade -like part is made with holes in it so it can never be sharpened. These do not appear to be illegal , just like toy guns are not illegal . However, if you bring this anywhere in public or any place that knives are not allowed, then you will most likely run into trouble.

Are brass knuckles illegal in Utah?

Utah . The law in Utah does not specifically state whether brass knuckles are legal or not. However, brass knuckles can be considered a dangerous weapon; therefore, it is up to the courts to determine this and how the knuckles were used and if the owner had criminal intent.

Are nunchucks illegal in Utah?

UNLAWFUL WEAPONS. It shall be unlawful for any person except a peace officer, to carry any brass knuckles, firearms, daggers, stiletto, nunchaku stick, or any other instrument or object capable of causing death or serious bodily injury concealed upon his person.

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Is it illegal for a felon to carry a knife?

The felon in possession of a weapon charge means that anyone convicted of a felony cannot own or possess a switch- blade , a butterfly knife , a clubbing instrument, a Taser or a stun gun. Convicted felons may possess daggers, dirks or stillettos in his or her residence, but may not carry them in cars or in public.

What do you call a knife that pops out?

An OTF Knife , also known as an out -the-front knife , sliding knife , or telescoping knife , is a pocketknife with a blade that opens and closes through a hole in one end of the handle. “OTF” only refers to the basic portion of the knife’s mechanical operation where the blade slides parallel with the handle to deploy.

Are double action knives illegal?

The majority of states allow legal ownership of switchblades, but a few do not. But some states such as Vermont and Utah have no restrictions on them. US Switchblade Laws . The following is a comprehensive compilation of the laws on switchblades (also called automatics or OTF Knives ) in the United States.

Are push button knives illegal?

One of the ways the two knives differ is that while switchblades are prohibited , assisted-opening knives are perfectly legal. For example, in some states, any knife — including assisted-opening knives — with a blade length of more than 2.5 inches is illegal to carry.

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