Best buy hours utah

Best buy hours utah

Is Best Buy in Park City Open?

On January 1, we’ll be open for Curbside Pickup only. Store Hours .

Day of the Week Day of the Month Hours
Friday Jan. 1 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday Jan. 2 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday Jan. 3 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Monday Jan. 4 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Is Best Buy still curbside only?

Who can pick up your order? Our Store Pickup options are currently limited to Curbside Pickup only . You may drive up to pick up your order yourself or choose someone else to pick it up. To have your order picked up by someone else, select that option during checkout.

Can I go to Best Buy without an appointment?

Best Buy today announced that customers soon will be able to safely and freely shop at the majority of our stores without an appointment . Starting June 15, more than 800 locations across the country will begin allowing a limited number of people inside.

Is Geek Squad at Best Buy free?

1-800 GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778). Tech Support members can also get up to 90 minutes of in-home support for a $49.99 fee per visit. How often can I contact Geek Squad with issues?

How do I get curbside pickup at Best Buy?

Contactless Curbside Pickup Select Curbside Pickup : When you’re done shopping online or on the Best Buy app, select “Use Curbside Pickup ” on the “Review and Place Your Order” screen. Get ready, get set: Your confirmation email will include instructions on where to park and how to let us know you’ve arrived.

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How long does curbside pickup take at Best Buy?

How long should I expect Curbside Pickup to take, once I’ve arrived at the store? It varies, so please be prepared to be at the store anywhere from 5 minutes , to 45 minutes in the worst-case scenario.

Does Geek Squad do walk ins?

Our stores have actually been accepting appointments for quite some time now. This has been an option we provide to our customers to ensure that they can walk in and not have to wait extended periods of time to speak with one of our Geek Squad Agents.

How much does a Geek Squad appointment cost?

It tallies up to $219.87 the first year and $119.88 per year thereafter. Geek Squad sends any hardware repairs out to a third party. You have no idea who is actually accessing and repairing your computer! Best Buy charges are higher than most local repair shops.

Is Best Buy Geek Squad open during lockdown?

Best Buy stores are now able to provide in-store Geek Squad services while maintaining social distancing and adhering to CDC guidelines. If you need Geek Squad service but prefer not to visit a Best Buy store, we have Agents available to help you remotely or over the phone.

How much does Best Buy charge to fix a laptop?

To repair your device, we’ll collect a flat-rate labor fee of $84.95 at the store (unless you are covered under a Geek Squad Protection Plan or manufacturer warranty).

Is the Geek Squad expensive?

One-time online support is Geek Squad’s least expensive option, starting at $49.99 for a PC tune-up service (you’d pay $99.99 for this in the store). A $9.99-per-month subscription service (with a $99.99 initial fee) is also an excellent value. It tallies up to $219.87 the first year and $119.88 per year thereafter.

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Is Geek Squad Protection worth getting?

So you really need to consider your usage and whether or not you’re comfortable fixing something yourself. If you have absolutely no knowledge of troubleshooting, then a Geek Squad plan may be best for you, especially if you’re a power user who absolutely counts on their computer for work or other needs.

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