Cities in morgan county utah

Cities in morgan county utah

What is Morgan County Utah famous for?

The owners use much of this land for agriculture, especially beef and dairy cattle, sheep, poultry, mink farming, hay, wheat, and other field crops. Morgan County trees also provided charcoal that was used for smelting in the Salt Lake Valley and Bingham. In 1904 the Morgan Canning Company opened as a pea cannery.

How far is Morgan Utah from Salt Lake City?

Distance from Salt Lake City , UT to Morgan , UT There are 22.06 miles from Salt Lake City to Morgan in northeast direction and 45 miles (72.42 kilometers) by car, following the I-15 N route.

How far is Morgan Utah from Ogden?

20.14 miles

What county is Morgan Utah?

As of the 2010 census, the population was 9,469. Its county seat and largest city is Morgan. Morgan County is part of the Ogden-Clearfield , UT Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, UT Combined Statistical Area. Morgan County , Utah .

Morgan County
Congressional district 1st
Website www. morgan – county .net

What county is Ogden Utah in?

Weber County

What is there to do in Morgan Utah?

Things to Do ATV Rentals. Biking. Boating. Bowling. Camping . Fishing . Golfing. Hiking .

What is the elevation of Morgan Utah?

1,545 m

What is the zip code for Morgan Utah?


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