How far to richfield utah

How far to richfield utah

How far is Richfield Utah from Salt Lake City?

137.76 miles

How far is it from Richfield Utah to Las Vegas Nevada?

The total driving distance from Richfield , UT to Las Vegas , NV is 284 miles or 457 kilometers.

What is there to do in Richfield Utah?

Richfield Fremont Indian State Park and Museum . Construction of Interstate 70 in the 1980s unearthed the ruins of the largest known prehistoric Fremont Village. Mystic Hot Springs. Old Lime Kiln. Paiute ATV Trail .

How far is it from Richfield Utah to Grand Junction Colorado?

190.98 miles

What stores are in Richfield Utah?

The Best 10 Shopping near Richfield , UT 84701 Walmart Supercenter. 1.0 mi. 15 reviews. $ Grocery, Department Stores . Christensen’s Dept Store . 0.8 mi. 1 review. Barney Outdoor Outfitters. 0.3 mi. Outdoor Gear. Nothing New Antiques. 0.6 mi. Antiques. Fresh Market. 0.6 mi. 2 reviews. Redneck Pawn & Vape. 0.9 mi. 2 reviews. Lin’s Fresh Market. 0.6 mi. 2 reviews. Kmart. 4.3 mi. 1 review.

What is Richfield Utah known for?

Richfield currently continues to be both a shopping and cultural center for the central Utah area. The Richfield tabernacle, completed during 1929-30 and noted for its architectural beauty, is a frequent setting for the Utah Symphony, Utah Opera Company, plays, choral programs, and other cultural events.

How long does it take to get from Grand Junction to Denver?

about 4 hours

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