Nightmare on 13th utah

Nightmare on 13th utah

How long does it take to get through Nightmare on 13th?

approximately 45 minutes

How much does Nightmare on 13th cost?

Group Rate Nightmare Ticket: $15 +Tax.

What is the fear factory in Utah?

The Fear Factory is Salt Lake City’s most popular and only haunted, haunted house and is located on the site of the old Portland Cement Company that had a long history of paranormal activity, unexplained sightings and unfortunate accidents dating back to 1894 that led many to believe the site was cursed.

How much are tickets for Fear Factory?

General Admission

Regular Online
Adult $14.95 $13.95
Child 12 and under $11.27 $10.25

How long does it take to go through Fear Factory?

about 45 minutes

Can Fear Factory touch you?

Fear Factory places an emphasis on actors delivering the screams with limited use of animatronics, and for a few extra bucks, you can purchase a glow stick necklace that tells them they’re allowed to touch you . “There are about a hundred actors in there every night giving it their heart and soul.”

What is the scariest haunted house in Utah?

I had a splendid time visiting each of the eight houses this year and would revisit any one of them next year. Lagoon Frightmares (Farmington) Strangling Brothers’ Haunted Circus (American Fork) Cornbelly’s Insanity Point (Lehi) Nightmare on 13th (Salt Lake City) Castle of Chaos (Midvale) Fear Factory (Salt Lake City)

How long is the factory of terror?

You will be getting scared for approximately an hour. This does not count the wait times. The time it takes to get through depends on how fast you walk… or run! Attraction time for 2020 will be less because 2 of our attractions will not be open each night (open attractions will rotate each night.)

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What happened Fear Factory?

Last week Burton C Bell announced his decision to leave Fear Factory . After a long court battle with the two ex-band members, Burton lost his legal rights to own the name Fear Factory .

Is Nightmares Fear Factory really that scary?

It’s somewhat short but definitely scary .

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