St george utah to san diego ca

St george utah to san diego ca

How long does it take to drive from San Diego to St George Utah?

6 hours, 36 minutes

How far is St George from San Diego?

367 miles

What airlines fly direct to San Diego?

Direct from United States

Southwest Airlines flights Alaska Airlines flights Frontier Airlines flights
Delta flights jetBlue flights Sun Country Airlines flights
American Airlines flights Spirit Airlines flights
United flights Hawaiian Airlines flights

What airport do you fly into for St George Utah?

The nearest airport is SGU, Saint George Municipal, which has flights with United and Delta. The nearest major airport is LAS , McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas ; this is about 2 hours away. We hope to see you at the Inn soon!

What is the cheapest month to fly to San Diego?


Is San Diego Airport dangerous?

San Diego’s airport (also called Lindbergh Field) is considered by some to be one of the country’s most dangerous due to its downtown location. What’s more, mountains to its north and east, Mexican airspace to its south, and tailwinds blowing in from its west sometimes force nose-to-nose takeoffs and landings.

Is it expensive to live in St George Utah?

St . George , Utah’s cost of living is 5% lower than the national average. The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area.

What airline flies out of St George Utah?

It is served by SkyWest Airlines for American Airlines , Delta Air Lines and United Airlines . SkyWest, one of the largest regional airlines in the world, is based in St. George.

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St . George Regional Airport
Coordinates 37°02′11″N 113°30′37″WCoordinates: 37°02′11″N 113°30′37″W

How far is St George Utah from Vegas?

It’s just 123 miles (or 198 kilometers), from Las Vegas to St . George , Utah . It takes just about two hours to get to St . George from the center of the Las Vegas Strip, assuming normal traffic condition.

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