Utah area codes list

Utah area codes list

What area code is 435 belong to?


What area is 385?

Salt Lake City

Is there a pattern to area codes?

The system keeps the best area codes for itself. The most memorable area codes , often ones with repeating digits, are set aside by the North American Numbering Plan Administration for special purposes. You use these set-aside numbers, like 800 numbers, on a regular basis.

Are there any area codes that start with 0?

Area codes in the North American Numbering Plan area may not contain 0 or 1 as the first digit.

What area code is 425 in the United States?


What area code is 714 in United States?

Area codes 714 and 657 are California telephone area codes covering northern Orange County , a portion of Los Angeles County , and the Sleepy Hollow and Carbon Canyon areas of Chino Hills in San Bernardino County.

What area code is 305 belong to?


What area code is 3 to 3?

Area codes 213 and 323 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the state of California . They are assigned to a numbering plan area (NPA) that comprises, roughly, the area of central Los Angeles , and includes several gateway cities of the region, such as Bell and Huntington Park .

What area code is 386 in USA?

Area code 386 is located in Florida and covers Palm Coast, Daytona Beach , and Port Orange. It is the only area code that serves the area.

Are there still 1 900 numbers?

1 – 900 numbers weren’t just for sex lines and psychics (thought they were probably mostly used for that). They were a way of transmitting information for money in a pre-Internet world for things like jokes, music, games, and fan club information. Sadly, after testing them out, these numbers are no longer in service.

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Which state has the most area codes?

state of California

What are the 3 digits after area code called?

A telephone prefix is the first set of digits after the country, and area codes of a telephone number; in the North American Numbering Plan countries (country code +# ), it is the first three digits of a seven- digit phone number, 3 – 3 -4 scheme.

What area code is 83?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
81 GREECE 30
83 GRENADA 1-473

What city has the most area codes?

Top 10 Most Popular Area Codes 310: Los Angeles , CA. 212: New York City, NY. 305: Miami, FL. 702: Las Vegas, NV. 202: Washington, DC. 415: San Francisco, CA. 404: Atlanta, GA. 312: Chicago, IL.

Do you dial the 0 in international numbers?

If you are calling internationally , you replace the + with the international access code from your country (as you say, usually 00 or 011) and then you DROP the first zero. In your example, you would dial 01149 30. or 0049 30 Or if you are already in the country , you ignore the + but INCLUDE the first zero.

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