Utah plant hardiness zone map

Utah plant hardiness zone map

What planting zone is Utah in?

In Utah, the hardiness zone varies between 4 and 6, depending on where you live. Most gardens in Salt Lake City are in zone 5 with a minimum temperature ranging from –10 to –20 degrees Fahrenheit.

What grows well in Utah?

Top 10 Plants That Grow Best in Utah Zucchini . A low maintenance plant— zucchini does well in use. Tomatoes . This warm season plant loves the Utah heat. Peppers. Peppers bring the heat and also need the heat to grow. Corn. Another vegetable that needs the heat—corn. Snap Peas. Lavender. Coral Bells. Bee Balm.

What climate zone is Provo Utah?

Additional Gardening Related Data for Zipcode 84604 – Provo, Utah

1990 Hardiness Zone: Zone 1b: -15F to -10F
Average First Frost: October 1 – 10
Average Last Frost: May 1 – 10
Koppen-Geiger Climate Zone: Dfa – Humid Continental Hot Summers
Ecoregion: 13f – Moist Wasatch Front Footslopes

What plants grow well in Zone 5?

Best Plants for Zone 5 Echinacea . Bee balm . Phlox . Daylily . Delphinium . Rudbeckia . Filipendula . Sedum .

When should I plant my garden in Utah?

On average, your frost-free growing season starts May 15 and ends Oct 25, totalling 163 days. You will find both Spring and Fall planting guides on this page. When to Plant Vegetables in Salt Lake City, UT .

Crop Lettuce
Sow seeds indoors Mar 6 – Mar 20
Transplant seedlings into the garden Apr 3 – May 1
Direct sow seeds Apr 3 – May 1

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What are the best trees to plant in Utah?

Fast-Growing Shade Trees for Northern Utah Landscapes Red Maple . Red maple is a favorite for Northern Utah landscapes, due to both its tolerance of varying soil conditions and quick growth rate – up to two feet per year! Hybrid Poplar . Northern Red Oak . Sawtooth Oak . Tuliptree . Japanese Zelkova.

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Can I grow avocados in Utah?

While we are never going to grow avocados or pineapples here in Utah , the climate we have is perfect for apples, cherries, and many other fruits and vegetables. With a little perseverance, even more plants can be grown successfully. Nurseries typically only sell plants that will survive in their local climates.

Does lavender grow well in Utah?

English Lavender is a hardy herb and is suitable for most growing areas in Utah , except the coldest high mountain regions.

When should I plant tomatoes in Utah?

Tomatoes should be planted once soil temperatures reach 60°F or when frost danger has passed. Start transplants 6 to 8 weeks before last frost-free date.

What growing zone is Springville Utah?


What zone is Lehi Utah?

Lehi, Utah is in USDA Hardiness Zones 6b and 7a.

What zone is Tooele Utah?


When should I plant my garden in Zone 5?

Zone 5 Vegetable Planting Calendar/Schedule

Zone First Freeze Free Date Last Freeze Free Date
5 May 30 October 1
6 May 15 October 15
7 April 15 October 30
8 March 15 November 15

When can I plant trees in Zone 5?

Plant bare root trees Bare root trees , shrubs and roses should be planted as soon as the soil is thawed and dried, usually in March to early April. Prune Prune fruit trees , shade trees , and summer blooming shrubs.

Is it too late to plant perennials in Zone 5?

A: It’s not too late ! You can transplant perennials anytime until the ground freezes in the fall, or wait to transplant them in the spring. Perennials grow at different rates. Some plants need dividing more often than others to remain healthy.

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