Vasa fitness locations utah

Vasa fitness locations utah

How many locations does Vasa fitness have?

45 locations

Is Vasa coming to Logan Utah?

VASA Fitness is coming to Logan . VASA Chief Development Officer Troy Peterson said though a specific date has not been scheduled, he expects the Logan location to open in the third quarter of 2020. Peterson said the new gym is the 25th in the state of Utah , with locations ranging from St. George to Ogden.

Is Vasa open again?

Nearly all of our clubs have re- opened ! As part of our re- opening procedures, we are asking that all members review and accept an agreement to keep VASA a safe environment. Please review and sign the agreement below for the quickest way to get back to your workouts.

How much is Vasa fitness a month?

Your yearly fee is $49.99 plus applicable tax and is per person billed 60 days after join date and annually thereafter. Payment Return fee If we can’t get your monthly payment, you’ll have a $25 return fee added to your account.

How much do Vasa employees make?

The typical VASA Fitness Personal Trainer salary is $17. Personal Trainer salaries at VASA Fitness can range from $8 – $30.

What does Vasa stand for?


Acronym Definition
VASA Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VASA Virginia Administrative Support Association
VASA Vidriería Argentina Sociedad Anónima
VASA vStorage APIs (Application Programming Interface) for Storage Awareness (computing)

How do I cancel my Vasa fitness membership?

Membership Cancellation Log into the VASA app and choose “ My Account” on the bottom menu. Tap cancel or pause plan. Fill out your personal info to help us locate your account. Confirm that the name and account number at the top of the screen are correct. Choose which service you are wanting to cancel .

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Do I have to wear a mask at Vasa?

Today, all members inside our clubs are required to sign our Member Agreement outlining our guidelines and requiring that members follow our social distancing rules, follow cleanliness protocols, stay home if they have symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19, and wear face coverings as instructed by local health

Does Vasa fitness have a sauna?

Every VASA pool is equipped with high-end spa, steam and sauna features — perfect for rejuvenating and relaxing.

How old do you have to be to go to Vasa?

18 years

Can you go to Vasa without a membership?

The guest will be required to show valid ID. Guests have the use of regular club amenities included on a Fitness level membership . Access does not include Studio Red, Studio Cycle, KidCare, tanning or massage.

Are Vasa classes free?

That’s right, all of our group fitness & T.E.A.M. Training classes are 100% free until the 25th of March (at select locations).

Can I go to any Vasa?

Fitness Membership Step up your fitness game with total access to all the equipment, group fitness classes, and luxuries VASA has to offer—at any location you want.

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