Weather at brian head utah

Weather at brian head utah

Is the road to Brian Head open?

OPEN 10:00am – 4:00pm Brian Head Resort has the highest base elevation in Utah. During storms the highways can become dangerous. Click here to visit Utah Department of Transportation’s current road conditions.

Do you need chains for Brian Head?

Do I need Chains or 4WD? Yes, depending on the weather and road conditions. Contact UDOT at 866-511-8824 for updated road conditions.

How far is Brian Head Utah from Las Vegas Nevada?

215 miles

Does Brian Head make snow?

Brian Head Resort offers The Greatest Snow on Earth®, with annual average snowfall of nearly 360 inches, and Utah’s highest base elevation. Operating Hours. Mountain Standard Time.

Monday – Friday Weekends & Peak Periods
10:00AM – 4:00PM 9:30AM – 4:30PM

Does it snow in Brian Head in November?

The first snowfall of autumn for Brian Head usually arrives in October, although September often gets some snow . Even in August , a fresh skiff of snow is not unheard of here. The season’s last snowfall typically happens in June.

How many lifts are open at Brian Head?

Grow a Skier – Ski Utah Brian Head Resort offers The Greatest Snow on Earth®, with annual snowfall of over 360 inches, and Utah’s highest base elevation. Covering over 650 acres, the Resort has two connected mountains, Giant Steps and Navajo, offering 71 runs and 8 chair lifts .

How much is a lift ticket at Brian Head?

Daily Lift Tickets

Regular Season Pricing Adult *Child/Senior
Weekday Full-Day $45 $32
Weekday Half-Day $37 $26
Weekend Full-Day $62 $45
Weekend Half-Day $50 $37
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Why is it called Brian Head?

Brian Head was originally known as Monument Peak and Bear Flats but no one knows for sure how exactly Brian Head got it’s name . One theory is that the name derived from the three time Democratic presidential candidate of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s William Jennings Bryan.

How far is Brian Head from Zion National Park?

89 miles

How far is Brian Head from Bryce Canyon?

36.98 miles

How far is Brian Head from Cedar City?

29 miles

How do you get to Brian Head Utah?

Getting There Brian Head is a short 3 hour drive from Las Vegas and only 4 hours away from downtown Salt Lake City. In Southern Utah , take Interstate 15 to exit 75 in Parowan, then it’s just a short 14 mile drive up the mountain to Brian Head Resort along Highway 143.

What is the best month to ski in Utah?

Best skiing is January through March for the Park City areas, and all the way through April for the higher Snowbird , Alta, Solitude, Brighton, Snowbasin. Spring skiing is great, powder in the morning and tee shirts in the afternoon.

What is the highest ski resort in Utah?


Has it ever snowed in June in Utah?

The latest measurable snowfall in spring occurred June 6, 1914 with two inches.

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