Zoo lights utah hogle zoo

Zoo lights utah hogle zoo

Is the Hogle Zoo free on Wednesday?

Typically, Wild Wednesdays apply to the last Wednesdays in November, December, January and February. Those free days are going to be expanded, though. “This year, Hogle Zoo is expanding these free admission days to every Wednesday in November and December,” according to the press release. “That’s seven free days!”

How much does the Hogle Zoo cost?

WINTER SEASON (October 1 – April 30)
Adults (13 and older): $17.95
Children (3 to 12): $13.95
Children 2 and younger: Free
You can purchase Zoo Admission tickets online!

Can you bring food into the Hogle Zoo?

FAQ | Utah’s Hogle Zoo . Are guests allowed to bring in outside food and drink? Yes, with the exception of alcoholic beverages and glass containers.

When did Hogle Zoo open?

Do you have to wear a mask at Hogle Zoo?

In compliance with the state’s new COVID-19 mandate, masks , worn correctly, are required in all areas of Hogle Zoo . Guests not following the mandatory mask policy may be asked to leave the Zoo . Hogle Zoo strives to protect the health of guests, staff and animals.

What is wild Wednesday at Hogle Zoo?

Wild Wednesdays are our way of saying THANK YOU for your support of the Zoo , Arts and Parks (ZAP) tax. Wild Wednesdays are FREE!!!! No need for tickets, no need to show anything on your phone – just show up and enjoy the Zoo !

How long does it take to go through Hogle Zoo?

Two hours

How old do you have to be to work at Hogle Zoo?


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What is there to do in Salt Lake City today?

Top Attractions in Salt Lake City Big Cottonwood Canyon. 1,146 reviews. Museums. Natural History Museum of Utah . 1,508 reviews. Nature & Parks. Red Butte Garden . 870 reviews. Temple Square . 5,019 reviews. Utah State Capitol. 1,506 reviews. The Tabernacle. 1,319 reviews. City Creek Center. 636 reviews. Clark Planetarium . 407 reviews.

Can I bring a backpack to the zoo?

Backpacks that are used as camera bags , diaper bags or purses are permitted. All bags are subject to be searched by Zoo staff. (Students visiting the Zoo on a field trip are not allowed to carry backpacks into the Zoo ).

Can you conceal carry at Hogle Zoo?

Re: Utah’s Hogle Zoo I think this needs clarified as to their intentions. I would like to know the stance of the Hogle Zoo regarding handguns being carried (either openly or concealed ) by Hogle Zoo Patrons. Hogle Zoo’s rules state that it bans “Any other item deemed unsafe by Utah’s Hogle Zoo security” (rule 14).

Can you take a cooler to the zoo?

Outside food, drink, and coolers are allowed. For the safety of the animals, guests may NOT bring : Glass bottles. Alcoholic beverages.

Are there penguins at the Hogle Zoo?

Penguin Cove Hogle Zoo had fourteen penguins : Hardy, Gia, Puff, Rocky, Bluebird, Blackbird, Whitebird, Greenbird, Newton, Dancer, Scrappy, Sooty, Flap and Shaker.

Is Hogle Zoo humane?

Hogle Zoo humanely euthanizes two animals who lived well past life expectancy. SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Hogle Zoo made a sad announcement Thursday morning after two of the zoo’s elderly animals were humanely euthanized.

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Is Hogle Zoo open year round?

Inclement Weather Policy: The Zoo is open every day of the year , except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, regardless of the weather. Due to high demand for reserved space at Utah’s Hogle Zoo , we are unable to schedule advance inclement weather reservations.

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